Thursday, November 06, 2008

weazl on recent events


joyce said...

Could not have said it any better. As usual, I am in total agreement with you. The Obama thing is strange. We know he is 'one of them' or he would not be where he is. But he is so charismatic and it makes it hard to think that he can be 'playing' us while at the same time, act like he really cares. It is quite confusing. But at the same time, he feels like hope! Only time will tell.

I was so caught up election night, I dared not to go to sleep until every vote was counted in case it was like 2004 and somehow McBush would have been selected again! I was terrified of Palin, I just wanted someone smart in

No matter what happens, Obama has given the USA a reason to be proud. A reason to hope. His relationship with Michelle and his beautiful children tells me that he has to be a decent, loving man.

I will support him because until he proves different, he deserves all our support. You know, I loved Dr.Paul and even more, Dennis Kucinich. I would love to see both of these men part of Obama's cabinet...that would prove he means what he says..but I won't hold my breath. For now, Obama is light where it use to be dark.

love you.

Da Weaz said...

Dear Joyce,

Thanks much for your letter, but most importantly, thank you so much for all of the support you have given me and the site. You have been an angel, and together we have gone through the worst times in US history and managed to survive. I agree that the relationship that Barack has with Michelle and his children does say a lot about the measure of the man, and I have no doubt that his values are the highest.

But I also think that the monsters can gain control over him, and I have no doubt that they could quite easily use his love for his family as a wedge to gain control over him. For, it is clear, that he is NOT his own man or drives his policies, despite his eloquence. And you rightly point out with his selection of Rahm Emmanuel, he is willing to reassure Zionists of his fidelity to them while, in a sense, spitting in the face of progressives, by appointing the man who serves as the gatekeeper against anyone who wanted to win a Congressional seat as a true progressive, while advancing a "centrist" position that, over two years, got nothing accomplished in Congress.

That said, only a fool would think that our options would be negotiable as regards Israel, and only an even bigger fool would think that a black man would be at liberty to change that policy. Not here, not now, and not in the foreseeable future.

We/they are joined at the hip.

What you'll likely just have is a smarter, less conspicuous American empire, that destabilizes places through proxies (like right now in the Congo), rather than the moron bluster of George the Fool. And he will likely try to use his charisma to bamboozle Europe to contribute more to the failed Afghanistan occupation, which will never be militarily or morally successful, will serve to attract the supported of the modern European Neo-Cons Sarkozy, perhaps even Merkel and Brown (for the few days he still has ahead of him). He will likely get contributions from American puppets in Ukraine, Poland Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, while even advancing talks for Georgia to enter NATO (an extremely stupid and provocative act that will be backed by Brzezinski, Biden and the Republicans, the Pentagon, the EU and the echoing media). This is likely to be our first flash point: Barry's first test to show his loyalty.

And his loyalty he WILL have to prove.

Anyway, love, I know that these things are not lost among you, and some other astute readers who are willing to move beyond the myths to understand that their liberties are at risk as much as their access to information. But, that said, the internet, most of all, has served to keep us alive, informed and comforted.


K. said...

Whereas Clinton and his predecessors did things through guile cunning and with fork tongues, W instead was less subtle and with that opened eyes, leading to many to self research and soul search.

However, with this new fella, many will want to believe again.

This enlightened hippy-esque generation, blinded, will quickly become like the ‘greed is good’ suits of yesteryear – soulless.

So to the man who once said "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully." I mourn your departure. Naah not really!

The Freewheeling Socrates said...

Business retailers are closing, like, Mervyn's. There will be many more. A domino effect is occuring which will drive us into a depression.

The Barack Obama show is as doors and windows opening, bringing fresh air into an awfully stale, smoke-filled room.

The rush of Clintonistas to surround the new man is not a good omen. FDR, for example, gathered a braintrust of the most educated people of his day. Not so, evidently here.

I would suggest a constitutional amendment stating something like, "The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights is the supreme law of the land and may not be superceded by any past, present, or future contradictions."

Also, the main stream media has created a fantasy reality in America and around the world which can only begin to blow away as chaff with the revelation of truth regarding nine one one.

I found it as mental tortue that the neo-cons were slamming Barack with allegations of "paling around with terrorists" when in fact the real terrorists detonated buildings in NYC and invaded middle east countries killing millions of unfortunate civilians.

Da Weaz said...

Soc, I agree with you on a number of points, and just to amplify:

It appears that the economic reality will call for much bolder action than has been theretofore proposed by Obama. Certainly to break this downward spiral it will take more than tax cuts for the middle class, building roads and bridges, investment in alternative technology and a mortgage foreclosure moratorium. Until there is simply either a government program TRANSFER OR WEALTH in the form of mortgage subsidies or government backed loans to homeowners, the bleeding will continue. And what the Republicans have done, by already staging their own looting of the treasury, while also decrying the sins of "socialism" renders that option that is most needed, politically impossible.

And Soc, you are completely correct about his Clinton choices. These are people who STILL have an outdated view of the world, largely because they are tied to the military industrial system that ACTUALLY powers the little economy that we have (as the world's biggest military spender/producer), so the president elect is likely to continue to engage in a strange dance of incoherency with respect to Russia and Iran, but most likely allowing a false flag to occur that can be used to refocus the American sheeple "to the things that really matter" (in the minds of these "leaders").

It will be interesting to see what the mainstream media does. There have been some encouraging signs. So, for example, immediately after Obama was elected, finally the NY Times decides to tell the truth about Georgia, in an article that was buried under the adulation of the new president:

Pretty fucking funny.