Thursday, November 06, 2008

The incontrovertible proof of the 911 controlled demolition -- new video of building 7

After black-slapping about the restoration of democracy, the next civil rights battle will be the ongoing fight for 9/11 Truth. And, make no mistake, the President-elect will be a gatekeeper, not a truth seeker.

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Dave said...

Excellent video of WTC7 demolition. The camera was placed to get a very good view of the structure's collapse. The puffs of dust are clearly visible on about 10 floors simultaneously.

As has been known for a long time:
the collapse of 47-story WTC 7 shows it to have all of the features of an implosion engineered by controlled demolition.

* The collapse of the main structure commences suddenly (several seconds after the penthouse falls).

* The building sinks in a precisely vertical manner into its footprint.

* Puffs of dust emerge from the building's facade early in the event.

* The collapse is total, producing a rubble pile only about three stories high.

* The main structure collapses totally in under 7 seconds, only about a second slower than it would take a brick dropped from the building's roof to reach the ground in a vacuum.