Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sorry to be morbid, but looks like a clean headshot from the front to me (after being hit in his throat and his hands going up to cover the spot)


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

Hi Joyce. I am glad to read your thoughts. The Weaze and I have been hoping to draw many, many intelligent posters to what I used to call, "The Beautiful People's Club."

I can say I fit the criteria as long as you can't see how old, ugly, and fat I have become. Evil "time," shame on "time" which causes entropy to occur in all things.

But the human mind does not grow old with daily mental weightlifting and the persuit of truth as focus.

As a college student in the early seventies, I stumbled onto some Lenny Bruce albums. He often talked about "the truth," and "the lie." He claimed the world lives by the lie and is blind to the truth.

Isn't this what it all boils down to from a human perspective?

joyce said...

Thanks, I always wanted to belong to the Beautiful Peoples Club! But, it seems that the only beautiful one in this club is Weazl...LOl Time and living in the 60's has taken its toll on me also. In fact, I am amazed I can still think! Can't say much about the memory though. Getting very forgetful.

Its been a rude awakening..finding out how much of life is so hideous. Seems like its all a game. The persuit of truth..yes, well I am beginning to think that nothing at all has ever been the truth. And the more I learn, the more I hate how blind and ignorant people are. They go through life as if all is grand. Life if beautiful. We always have and will have wars, no big deal. Governments lie, so families answers to my desperate plea for them to wake up.

I never saw forgive my pathetic attempt at writing. I write like I think. LOL Not eloquent, but real. Between you and Weaz, and your writing skills, I feel a little inadequate, but so what..we are all part of the same club. And I love being in it!!
Reality is not for sissies!

take care

Da Weaz said...

Soc, don't let joyce fool you. She is one of the most important people on this site. She sends me many, many articles that I eventually post. I call her my most important "team" member. She is a little shy about taking credit, but I completely appreciate her contributions to the site.

She is simply a diamond.

Anonymous said...

When you look at this first time it does seem as if the chap in the front turns back points and shoots. However, after watching this again, the shiny silver thing seems to be graying part of the other front passenger's head.

That aside I agree with the rest of you beautiful folks, the bullet wasn't that silver.


Da Weaz said...

Well, K, I DON'T think that the driver did it.