Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dennis and Ron Paul ticket? At least Elizabeth thinks it's possible


joyce said...

I love Dennis and Elizabeth. There is something so honest and beautiful about them. I know its all about Ron Paul, but know I have always had this special feeling about Dennis K. His ideas are not as radical as some Ron Paul has..but for some reason Ron Paul has grabbed hold and is very popular. Which is fine, we need change, but I still really do prefer Dennis Kucinich. If anyone can somehow, find a way to get in and beat the crooked voting machines...I will be very happy, and the country will have a chance.
But this election will be our last hope. Its just a feeling, but if an honest election can not be pulled off, it won't matter much will it?

Anyway, you must admit, Elizabeth would be an awesome First Woman.


Da Weaz said...

Elizabeth's last response regarding 9/11 goes down in my book as an instant classic.