Thursday, July 05, 2007

There is only one thing left to do: Impeach

Yes, it is about that time that weazl himself comes from behind the curtain and bang the keyboard rather then hide behind the thoughts and prose of others. But the Libby commutation (and likely eventual pardon) bears special attention. It is a pathetic indictment on this nation when:

stealing elections,

repudiation of signed treaties,

(black op) terror attacks,

evisceration of Constitutional Rights,

fraudulent and scripted excuses for war,

understaffed and unprepared plans for such war,

proof of torture,

establishment of prisons with the express reason of escaping judicial scrutiny,

CIA illegal kidnappings from foreign countries,

more torture,

illegal wiretapping of Americans,

illegal review of financial transactions of Americans,

the establishment of an illegal massive database of Americans personal information,

another stolen election,

failure to protect "the homeland" in the face of predictable natural disaster,

signing thousands of "signing statements" to avoid enacted laws,

stripping away of habeas corpus to both foreigners and Americans,

using entire Department of Justice as a political tool to disenfranchise voters and attack political rivals,

placing concentrated levels of power into the executive in the case of some unknown terror attack without congressional approval,

and yes, outing a CIA operative investigating weapons of mass destruction against a country known to be hostile to the United States,

have not been enough to cause the now majority party to attempt to assert the rule of law and impeach the president, a position upon which even MISDEMEANORS is entitled to start the process. The act of removing criminal penalty for a man who was to be sent to prison for crimes for which his own father created:

And George, the younger Moron himself, just last month has been campaigning to insert that all convicted felons serve the mandatory minimum of their sentences. Yet the master hypocrite attempts to wipe the slate clean to scrub his own fingerprints off of his criminal activity.

Now the Rule of Law has never mattered much to this Administration, but with a Judicial Branc stocked with Republican appointees and the fabulously lazy Rubber Stamp Congress from 2000-2006, there truly was nothing that could be done other than to watch in either silent or vociferous disgust and the failure of the tripartite form of government that had been created precisely to shield against such excesses and abuses. But the massive Congressional deluge that washed some of the most pernicious detritus from both houses certainly gave many the shallow glimmer of brighter days ahead. At the time of the elections, weazl said that what the Democrats needed to do was to investigate the many crimes of the Administration, and the Democrats have largely done that to a laudable extent. But the verdict is in: THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS TO GO NOW. No Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, this is not a strategic decision, this is about your Constitutional responsibility, your duty to the nation. And whether or not you have the votes, it is IMPERATIVE that the process begin.

Simply put, there is no further need to dither about with the Justice Department, though all such investigations should continue. But the Democrats themselves, and ALL progressive people, and Conservatives who think that the Constitution is more than, in the words of the Moron, "A goddamned piece of paper" need to come together to take a stand for the present and future of the nation. Weazl used to think that measures needed to be taken to prevent the genocidal urges of this vampiric criminal cabal from sinking its teeth into another innocent nation's neck called Iran and thus spare the lives of millions, but this call to arms is even more important than that. It is a call to preserve even the faintest trace of living in a democracy and adhering to the rule of law. The history is filled with unfulfilled promises and deviations from law by the leaders of this country, whether subverting regimes in countries populated by non- white people the world over since the Second World War, or conducting covert operations that violated every standard of decency by any measure in several instances during that same time. But these actions have been COVERT, hidden, debatable (because of the ignorance of the masses) and (im)plausibly deniable. The actions by the Bush Criminal Cabal are brazen, obvious, admitted and brandied, in a farcical mockery of every principle that this nation has been mythologized as adhering to. America (if not man) could always have been defined as an unfulfilled promise. But Bush criminals don't even make the promise, don't even put on the funny mask of fighting for justice, don't even throw crumbs to the masses to have them lay their little heads on their pillows thinking that the Rule of Law serves as a leveler. Bush makes it clear that each and every one of us is a plebian and a serf, unless you serve this master's wishes. Thus the ultimate charade exposes a sickening reality: Paris Hilton served more time in jail for driving on a suspended license than a man obstructing investigation of a CIA agent involved in sensitive operations in a psychotic attempt to drag the country into a genocidal war that has destroyed Americas conventional military forces. Does weazl have to remind you that Paris Hilton is from a family of ultra-billionaires? As farcical a show as it was, the Hilton billions couldn't stop their celebrity daughter from spending a couple of weeks in the Big House. Paris apparently isn't close enough to the Moron.

If this is what law has come to then there truly is no such thing as law. And if the Democrats cannot strive to remove a President who has so incessantly and brazenly ignored any and all laws in the country, then there is effectively no Congress and they should not be there as well. The failure of the Democrats to impeach essentially concedes the 2008 race to be an election not for a President but for a King. This is not what the United States stands for, so even if you win, you lose.

And should we forget the elephant in the room? The powerful business interest who finance both parties and to whom winners of any presidential race will be beholden? weazl has written at the start of this blog that this blog would continue until democracy returns. So long as the Democrats are slaves to these interests and do their bidding, even at the expense of their plain, front and center Constitutional mandate, they render nugatory their oaths to uphold the Constitution and thus become enemies of democracy, enemies of the Rule of Law and in fact enemies of freedom. All people who seek to make this nation rise from the ashes of six years of unfettered criminal rule need to massively and completely urge everyone around them to exert pressure to remove the cancers that have nearly penetrated the bone of the American experiment.

And if you don't, if we all don't, then we must stay silent while our nuclear bombs bomb Iran. We must stay silent while Israelis continue to slaughter Palestinians using our helicopters, with our missiles, and a host of other American technologies. We must stay silent while our Moron continues to provoke Russia into taking greater and greater offensive positions with the threat of destabilizing an otherwise peaceful Europe. We must stay silent while Africa continues to be raped of diamonds, gold, oil, uranium and other natural resources in the same manner as it had in the days of Leopold of Belgium who famously presided over atrocities in the Congo. We must stay silent while South and Central American countries continue to ally against us. We must stay silent because we will have become aiders and abetters of the criminality conducted in our name and purportedly on our behalf. Because if we don't force the Democrats to impeach now, Republican or Democratic President alike, these will be the policies that are undertaken. Because these are the positions that the masters and financiers are paying these shills to pursue.
weazl left this country three years ago because he felt, with the Moron's approval rating still hovering in the high sixty or seventy percentile range that Americans were simply too stupid to realize how they were the guppies in the Bush Cabal's game of three card monte. After Katrina washed away yet another American city, weazl felt that Americans were finally nudged out of their deep slumber. Yet the Democratic victory and Democratic obsequiousness and acquiescence reveal a greater threat than even the Republicans gone wild pose: the two party system itself is a sham and a fraud covering up the ultra-elitist control over this country. If we, as Americans, cannot force the Democrats to impeach now, then we simply have nothing left. And there sure won't be much for weazl to look forward to come back to, even if the next president were a woman, a black man or a man talking about global warming. Their puppetmasters, for sure, would be none of the above.


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