Friday, April 27, 2007

Problems in the Baltics: Estonia provokes Russia, Russia lashes out, and the US has its own hands full with the Rising Bear

MP demands tough reaction to monument removal in Tallinn

MOSCOW, April 27 (Itar-Tass) - The chairman of the Russian State Duma’ s international affairs committee demanded on Thursday from executive bodies a quick and tough reaction to the removal of the monument to Soldier Liberator in central Tallinn.

The removal of the war memorial is “vandalism and blasphemy, and no political or moral considerations can make it admissible,” Konstantin Kosachev said, addressing the lower house of parliament.

He also said that a session of the international affairs committee would be held later on Friday to consider the situation in Tallinn. “The situation is changing every minute and we must, first of all, look into all circumstances,” he stressed.

Kosachev said a plan of action could be agreed upon at the session.

Estonian authorities removed the Soviet war memorial overnight to Friday despite angry protests triggering street clashes. One has died of injuries in hospital, and 44 others were injured in clashes of monument defenders with police in Tallinn. The clashes were provoked on Thursday by the authorities' decision to begin excavation of the common grave of Soviet soldiers and dismantle the monument to soldiers who liberated Tallinn from the Nazi occupation during World War II.

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