Friday, April 27, 2007

Mike Gravel Busting ALL of the lackey candidates

Earlier Speeched by Mr. Gravel: Excellent

Dennis Kucinich just lost nearly all of his support. He is now completely irrelevant. Gravel adopts the same positions, but has passion and power.


Shrink Rat said...

We get drawn like flies to
sh*t when we suppose in our fantasies that any of the preselected candidates have any agenda other than those of the plutocrats. That the national elections are anything other than part of the illusion. Perhaps that is why Gravel and Ron Paul are appealing.... because they seem less contaminated. But unless they are willing to embrace 9/11 truth and its corollary; i.e., that both parties are corrupt reflections of the ruling oligarchy and that both support the "consensus trance" and new world order (and all IT implies), then they serve the interests of those selfsame oligarchs.

The plutocrats, military industrialists, neocon/neolib genuflecting politicians are the scourge that must be scoured from our world if humanity is to survive.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Da Weaz said...

I agree that democracy begins with 911, but I haven't heard him denying that yet. It's quite possible that you are right. But I do think that the rhetoric that he has employed does a good job of taking us towards the place where you seemingly would like us to be.

And before jumping to conclusions about my supposed naivete, I'd check out the site, including the heading under the blog about my own pretentions about democracy.

Being a bit informed about the target of your brickbats helps a bit as well.

Shrink Rat said...

My comments were directed generally. Not at you specifically. If I was unclear, my apologies.

I was impressed enough by his rhetoric to visit his sight with a willingness to consider volunteering. Depends, of course, on whether he would actually attempt to halt the NWO and elitists (hopefully without ending up as Kennedy did).

Also, check out 'Living Under the Guillotine's Blade' by Arthur Silber

You probably know these things already but Silber does state it well. Things really are quite dire and we may not have time to play electoral politics..... in which case we are all screwed.

Da Weaz said...

Well, I agree things are horrible. But I think that we need to fight on every front, rather than conceding some. I thing that the Right has launched a multi faceted attack. I think that we need to do the same.

I agree that electoral politics right now is a pathetic game. I don't think we disagree on much.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your ideas.