Saturday, October 04, 2008

Updated Zeitgeist


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

I went to google, downloaded "Zeitgeist, The Addendum, and converted it to a WMV format using a program called, "Smart DVD Creater, Pro."

With that I was able to send it to a 2GB memory stick, load it in the usb port of my DVD player / booster, and see it in big wide screen with high definition.

After that I went to the supermarket feeling low and depressed and in a crowd of brainwashed sleepwalkers, many of whom were shopping after church and yapping on a cellphone.

One point, however, from the documentary. The writers conclude that after turning off the religion, main stream media, politicians, and everything that makes us artificial, we should rejoice in the beauty and wonder of life and the universe and come together as one free thinking population.

What I have concluded in my own path of knowledge is that everything is nothing. We are eternal nonexistence punctuated by 70 years of star stuff contemplating star stuff.

The horrible truth is that this seventy years of consciousness has no substantial meaning and no lasting value.

Life is a carnival ride. You enter, whirl around, then hit the exit.

Anything more would be an exaggeration, anything less would be impossible.

Da Weaz said...

Yeah, personally speaking I see many problems with the documentary, such as the idea that some people don't lust after power for its own sake and would simply work to subjugate others. But I still think that it is entirely worth watching and thinking about. The monetary part is the strongest part, in my opinion.