Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Massive Iraqi resistance


Baghdad witnessed another demonstration with more than one million Iraqi, Arabs and Kurds and others, Muslims and Christians and others, Sunnis and Shiites and others demonstrated together against the occupation and the long term agreement, asking for a complete withdrawal the leaves no permanent bases, no troops, and no mercenaries.

Its really sad to watch how the mainstream U.S. media and politicians ignore Iraq's massive non violent resistance, whether it was the annual one million Iraqis demonstration, or whether it was the other forms of non-violent resistants like voting for the current anti-occupation parliament, signing petitions, writing poems and books, or even talking against the current occupation.

Ignoring the Iraqi non-violent resistance will definitely push more Iraqis to choose armed resistance as the way to get their country back. The bottom line is that people want their country back; if they manage to get it back through signing petitions and demonstrating, they'll be more than happy. If they can't they'll use force.

Choosing which type of resistance to adopt from the huge continuum (that starts from writing a word and ends by holding a gun) is a two way dialog: if the U.S. government reacted more to Iraqis demonstrating, i'm sure than more one million Iraqis will demonstrate. 

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