Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not so loved in Pakistan

Senior CIA officers were target of Islamabad blast

September 20th, 2008 - 10:13 pm ICT by ANI -

Islamabad , Sept 20 (ANI): Several senior officers of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who are reported to be currently visiting Islamabad were the target of the blast at the Marriott Hotel which took place here tonight.

Well placed sources said that Marriott Hotel is usual hotel choice of the US officials and it seems that militants tipped off that certain high level US intelligence officers were currently staying at the hotel.

While no confirmation was available but Pakistan sources said it was clear that the explosion was aimed at specific targets based on a tip off.

At least twenty people were killed, and scores others seriously injured, when an explosives laden truck rammed into Marriott Hotel here today.

Over 50 people have been admitted in the local hospitals.

The powerful explosion caused fire in many parts of the hotel besides damaging the buildings around the hotel. (ANI)

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The Freewheeling Socrates said...

While my daughter and I were watching MSNBC last night, this story along with the videos were revealed.

I told my daughter about how Bush secretly signed orders the Friday before last directing US armed forces to begin attacks within Pakistan, thus creating a third war in addition to Iraq and Aftghanistan.

We both noticed how the American people were not being told what the attack on the Marriot means. We are being led to believe it is just another "terrorist act."

I predicted it was directly related to our new war somehow.

With the fascist takover of the American economy, the probability of hyper-inflation and a devastating depression, 100 million homeless people and the concentration camps already built by Halliburton, insanity has prevailed.

All is lost.

Prescott Bush has won.

Da Weaz said...

We are fucked like we've never been. But I think that this, upon second thought, turns out to be yet another false flag by US to destabilize the government, like K says. When you look at the video of the truck bomb burning, then look at the photos of the wreckage, it is clear that this is not one and the same. And the distance between the areas is HUGE.

We are definitely in trouble, with massive homelessness looming, massive unemployment, camps (as your rightly note) already built, it is not insanity, but eugenic forces wanting to dispose of the ignorance that they've fostered and created.

But yes, in the end, you are right: Prescott Bush has won. At least in the US, and fascism has prevailed.

The South, the East and Russia spit out the bit. All is not lost, globally, but America is as fucked as a country can get, with the masses still with no fucking understanding of what IS hitting them, much less of what is yet to come.