Thursday, July 24, 2008

weazl lifts full blogger post: but weazl thinks that it is worth repeating. Barack has become a whore. Sorry.

Fuck You Obama! You Sell-Out Piece of Shit!

Posted by willyloman on July 23, 2008

by Scott Creighton

Go fuck yourself Barack! You know the game is rigged and it’s your turn to lose, so you play the game and keep your name in good standing for the next go round. And you are a piece of shit.

You are worse than the republicans, because at least they are standing by the positions of their constituent (however selfish and unAmerican they are). Whereas you are side stepping everything this party USED to stand for. Clinton rang in the end of the Democratic Party, and you and your corrupt staff of neo-liberal Clintonistas are turning out the lights, aren’t you?

All for your own personal agenda. You are a bastard.

And I give you the absolute last straw that I will tolerate. Your pandering cowardly speech today at Sderot was it for me. You allowed them to stage it in that fucking miserable yard where they keep the homemade rockets that are fired from Gaza. That fucking little yard where they bring people to prove how oppressed Israel has been by Gaza.

You are out of your fucking mind, you miserable little shit. How dare you stand, pandering to a nation that was just visited by member of the ANC that LIVED UNDER APARTHEID and they just recently said that what is going on in Gaza with the Palestinians is just as bad as what the South African White Regime did to them!?

Fuck you Obama! You fucking SELLOUT! Your speech three months back about racism and oppression WAS A FUCKING LIE, you bastard! You don’t give a shit about real oppression if you let these bastards use you like that. You’re a fucking tool. That’s your fucking legacy. That’s your historic nomination. You sold it out, you pathetic wimp. you sold it out, for a loss this go round and a promise for the future. You sold out CHEAP, for a little attention and some more book sales.

The reason those homemade rockets are there, you stupid little fuck, IS BECAUSE THEY DON’T BLOW UP, MORON! That’s why they don’t kill people unless they hit them in the head!

The Israelis have killed somewhere close to 100 Palestinians for every Israeli killed, shit for brains! Hell, they even kill Peace Activists who are there to help stop the ILLEGAL FUCKING INCURSIONS ONTO PALESTINIAN LAND, YOU BASTARD!

Here Barack, you wanna see a picture, motherfucker?

That’s Rachel Corrie. She was a decent human that got run over by an Israeli Bulldozer that wanted to tear down some Palestinians home. Would you “run out and settle that yourself” like you suggest you would if someone fired a “homemade rocket” at your house? Would you? What do you think about her parents, the Barack? You fucking piece of shit. Take a good look. This is what your “beacon of democracy” does, asshole.

Wanna see more?

Here’s your “democracy…”

Here’s what they think of themselves…

Here’s what your “beacon” does with kids in Gaza…

Here’s what they do to kids in Lebanon with cluster bombs (weapons of mass destruction)…

Here’s some settlers beating an old farmer with a baseball bat, just for not leaving his land when they told him to…

Here’s another picture for you Barack… that’s a Lebanese child from that “war” of 2006…

You know that prisoner exchange that just took place? All those stories about the 2 Israeli soldiers bodies that were returned? They made the Lebanese seem like monsters because they killed the two captive soldiers? Here is a picture of the other side of the exchange, you stupid bastard! 197 bodies returned to Lebanon of captives from the war the the Israelis killed. 197! Didn’t hear much about that one, did you?

Here’s a picture for you. it’s got REAL ROCKETS. The kind that blow up and kill kids! Here you go you bastard, get your picture taken with this, you sellout motherfucker!

Little Israeli girl sending a “Hello from Israel” to the children it will disfigure in Gaza or Lebanon.

So fuck you Obama! You go straight to hell. Fuck you Obama!

I will spend every hour that I can making sure that not only do you not win, but that every person I com into contact with knows exactly what kind of man you are. You are a bastard, and liar, a sellout, and a shill for the fascists that are corrupting this nation.

you go to hell you son of a bitch! and I mean that. i will do what I can to see that you lose your Senate seat in the future, since we all know you are just playing the game now…

you go to hell, Barack Obama. You turn you backs on the suffering of these people for a few votes, you don’t deserve to be president. asshole.

EDIT*** in response to a comment below, I am adding this in order to make it clearer exactly why I am so angry with Sen. Obama, that prick (sorry. i am still pissed)

I am Mad as Hell at Obama for letting the Israeli War Party use him as a tool of propaganda.

He has to have more sense than that. He is in line to be the damn PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and he is letting these warmongers of the Likud Party use him like this?

He should fire all of his aides, and apologise not only to the people of Gaza and the West Bank, but also to the millions of Israelis that don’t want to be portrayed in this fashion.

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