Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More war crimes, signs of barbarism and unspeakable acts of fascism and depravity

US detainee's lips sewn shut and wires shoved through his cheeks (w/photo)

Photo leaked from a military computer

Photo leaked from a US military computer network of a detainee held by the United States with face wired, lips sewn, red eyes and torso sacked. According to digital camera metadata the image was taken on Feb 9, 2003 03:49:25. The 6 Aug 2004 is also mentioned in relation to this photo. The facial wiring is clearly non-medical. The location of the detainee is unknown. Readers with information as to the status of this detainee contact usa@sunshinepress.org. Although there is a resemblance to the US Taliban supporter John Walker Lindh, the connection is superficial. The negative image to the right was created by Wikileaks to draw attention to certain regions of the photo on the left.

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