Friday, July 04, 2008

A Fourth Of July Card

A Fourth Of July Card

By Judy Andreas

Unhappy Fourth Of July, America. Are you ready for your annual celebration?

As you don your party hat, take a good hard look into the mirror of your soul. Do you like what you see? Can you beautify the face of hypocrisy with a chorus of The Star Spangled Banner?

On holidays such as this one, I long for those blissful days of my childhood; those days when the Fourth of July meant a joyous celebration of birth. We had claimed our independence from Great Britain and a new world (without the word "order" ) had been born. America was our land of opportunity and people came here to realize The American Dream. When did the dream morph into a nightmare? And when will we wake up?

What will you be doing on July 4th? Will you be singing "God Bless America"? Will you be barbecuing large hunks of flesh and washing them down with a "cold one"? "Pass the genetically modified cob of corn, please"

Will you be frolicking at your picnic, ooo-ing and ah - ing as fireworks flash over the evening sky? They are far more attractive than the daily decoration of chemtrails.

Can you play The 1812 Overture loudly enough to deafen and deaden the sounds of the devastation that is being done in our name?

Can you close your eyes tightly enough to blot out the pictures of the mutilated bodies of death and dying as we bring "freedom" to other lands?

Wave your Chinese made American Flag and we will all play "Let's Pretend".

I regretfully inform you that I will not be attending your party this year. My holiday spirit died along with The American Dream. And while you are singing "and the rockets red glare", try to forget that others will be listening to the "bombs bursting in air".


Judy Andreas

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The Freewheeling Socrates said...

The other day I was at Sears. A sales lady asked, "Are you going to celebrate the 4th?"

I responded, "Bush and Cheney engineered those planes into the World Trade Center buildings in order to invade the Middle East. So where does that leave the 4th of July?"

Several people froze with dropped mouths, not sure they had heard correctly.

A bank teller asked me yesterday, "Are you ready for the big weekend?"

I had no response. I just bathed in the despicable ignorance that is being touted as common social lubricant.

Da Weaz said...

These are not the best of times. But celebrate something: the worst seems yet to come.

Been a while. Nice to hear you.