Saturday, June 21, 2008

I guess when you stop running for president then you can start telling the truth: Ron Paul doesn't accept 9/11 investigation


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

All wrong.

All bullshit.

HERE'S what you have to understand:

steel beams do not melt and freefall at a temperature of 1500 degrees

unknown men in matching jumpsuits were hammering inside the guts of the twin towers every day for three months in advance

Cheney gave stand-down orders to the Boston air traffic controllers regarding intercepting the two notorious aircraft

535 congress reps and senators have suspiciously not addressed any of these obvious and salient, glaring truths

It's two steps backwark and one step forward.

And so my fellow Weazonians,

ask not what this pixie can do for us, but what together we can do to rid us of the mighty shame for having placed undue faith in just another sheep in wolve's clothing.

Da Weaz said...

Yes, Soc, this is the challenge. And it is not easy. All we can do (I guess) is to keep hammering away at the obvious truth until more people just get more and more disgusted and try to collectively hold these criminals and aiders and abettors accountable.