Thursday, June 05, 2008

Despite her withdrawl and projected endorsement, would not be the least bit surprised if Billary is behind this party unifying concept

Some committed Clinton backers declaring McCain support

Nick Juliano

Some of Hillary Clinton's most ardent Internet supporters -- appearing increasingly bitter at the rapidly coalescing reality that their candidate has lost -- are beginning to declare that they are Democrats no longer and pledging their votes to presumptive GOP nominee John McCain.

While Clinton is planning to formally drop out of the race this Saturday and throw her support behind presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama, some of her supporters are openly derisive of her calls for party unity.

Since Clinton delivered her non-concession speech on Tuesday night, and since word emerged Wednesday that she would accept her loss this weekend, a handful of Web sites and blogs have cropped up to allow her supporter to vent and declare their support for McCain.

One site is offering Democrats for McCain bumper stickers and another has collected names of dozens of Democrats who say they are planning to leave the party.

Some pro-Clinton blogs are relishing in this destroy-the-party-in-order-to-save-it attitude, including Larry Johnson's No Quarter, which dedicated itself to spreading racially tinged rumors and innuendo about Obama throughout the primary.

Pro-Clinton blog The Confluence has started what it's calling a PUMA movement; the acronym stands for Party Unity My Ass.

Another site has cropped up calling itself the National Organization of Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain. The site claims to have been started by a one-time Democrat who was outraged over the Democratic Party's decision to punish delegations from Florida and Michigan for breaking party rules.

Whether Clinton's backers break into "Denver! Denver!" chants at Saturday's formal endorsement remains to be seen, but Obama likely will need plenty of help from the former first lady to shore up her coalition of women, Hispanics and blue-collar voters going into November.

Obama has had nothing but kind words for Clinton in recent weeks, as it became clear that he would end up as the nominee. At least some Clinton supporters have appreciated the warm reception they received.

It remains to be seen which faction of Team Clinton will win out.

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