Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our own home grown racism, and the significance of Barack Obama

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Ellie Mae from Arkansas said...

Funny..I didn't see this on the news this morning! Must have missed this wonderful endorsement for John McCain. He has Hagee and now this! God and Israel is on his side. It's all good. You know, that Obama is a Muslim and doesn't wear a flag pin. So, i feel justified in voting for Mr. McCain, he is a war hero. I don't care how many planes he crashed, or how much info he spilled to the enemy in Viet Nam. At least he did not go to a madrassa, not sure what that is, but Obama went to one, so that can not be good. It must be un-American. There is also the fact that they say Obama is part white, but you look at his hair, and I just don't see no white about him. His papa must have been messin' around cause Obama just don't look white to me. And this is America..you know, home of the white man. Make that brave white man...we can not have that much change like Obama wants..no, we must vote for McCain so this country stays the same. We don't want change..no sir..these wars are good for the economy and if you notice..they ain't been no more terrorist attacks since 911..so bush got them Arabs scared and if Obama, who is a Muslim gets elected..those Arabs will come back over here. Heck, Obama will welcome his brethren with open arms. Those arabs are Muslims too.
Now, you use your head and vote for mcCain..just like that nice man in the video said.
God Bless America!