Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Probably not a good sign: When Ahmadinejad starts spilling the beans on 9/11 it is safe to say that he fears that there is nothing left to lose

Ahmadinejad: US used September 11 as 'pretext' for invasions

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the United States on Tuesday of using the September 11, 2001 attacks as a "pretext" to launch invasions and cast doubt on the accepted version of the terror strikes.

"On the pretext of this incident a major military operation was launched and oppressed Afghanistan was attacked. Tens of thousands of people have been killed until now," he said in a speech broadcast on state television.

"Poor Iraq was attacked. According to official figures... one million people have been killed," he said in the speech marking Iran's day of nuclear technology.

He appeared to cast doubt on the official version of the attacks, saying the names of those killed had never been published and questioning how the planes had hit the towers of the World Trade Centre in New York.

"An event was created in the name of the attack against the twin towers. We were all sad. It was said that 3,000 people were killed," Ahmadinejad said.

"But the names of the 3,000 people were never published and nobody was able to respond to the main question, which is how is it possible that with the best radar systems and intelligence networks the planes could crash undetected into the towers."

This is the first time that Ahmadinejad has spoken publicly about his interpretation of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The government of Iran's then reformist president Mohammad Khatami was quick to condemn the airborne attacks on New York and Washington carried out by Al-Qaeda militants which killed nearly 3,000 people.

However hardline newspapers have on occasion described the attacks as a conspiracy that was devised by the White House to justify its attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iran and the United States have had no diplomatic relations since the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran in the wake of the 1979 Islamic revolution and remain at loggerheads over the Islamic republic's nuclear programme.

"Discrimination has been applied in the world and the lie has become the rule. Threat and pillage is something that has become acceptable," Ahmadinejad added.

The controversial president has previously provoked outrage by describing the Holocaust as a "myth" and raising doubts over the scale of the mass slaughter of Jews in World War II.

In his speech to Iranian dignitaries and some foreign diplomats, he also predicted the "demise" of the major powers which emerged victorious in World War II and have since dominated the international system.

He said Iran's nuclear achievements mark the "acceleration of the trend to the destruction of major powers and with God's help this will become reality. World powers are struggling to survive."

The UN Security Council, whose permanent veto-wielding members are the victorious Allied powers from World War II, has imposed three sets of sanctions against Iran for refusing to suspend sensitive nuclear work.

Ahmadinejad described the Iranian nuclear programme as the "most important political event in the contemporary era."

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joyce said...

That is really bad. It would be good if other countries would get some gonads and join him. They could really make a noise, and get some attention. Even Americans who believe the government fable would be forced to take notice, and question.

Did you listen to Jesse V. interview on the Opie and Anthony show? It was audio, 3 parts. Kicked ass. Much better than faux news, and tons of people listen to that radio show. And Jesse kept his cool, did not try to 'push' his ideas on anyone, but was direct, professional and damn it..awesome.

Please let more come out..let me die a happy old woman, it is all I ask, that America's finally learn the truth and who did it.

take care

Da Weaz said...

Sadly, I can imagine only one country in the world having the balls to support Ahmadinejad, and that is Chavez's Venezuela (and, yes, Fidel would, as well). But the patsy nations, enablers, global aiders and abetters would countenance genocide over truth. When I think about this disgusting so-called "leaders" with their arrogant elitist "educations" and bankrupt notions of "democracy", "liberty" "civilization" and "development", who are simply bootlickers for their transnational globalist masters who move and make money on a global scale and believe the instruments of death make great investments, it makes me want to throw up.

And when you have some insignificant little man in some heroin infested country being demonized as a threat to the most murderous state since WWI ended with more nuclear weapons than the rest of the world combined, it further contributes to the nausea.

And when you imagine that this little man might be revealing the truth regarding the drive for genocide and fascism as possibly some last ditch attempt that the truth be known before he is vaporized, it would simply be too much.

Let's hope that the Dickhead's Saudi trip, the Moron's talk with Putin, Israel's buildup along the Syrian border, Fallon's resignation, the British just have it all fucking wrong:

As do the Saudis:§ion=0&article=108553&d=4&m=4&y=2008

And all the other events are just badly interpreted coincidences:

My dear friend, I don't know about dying a happy woman. I have a suspicion (and have had one for a while) that the worst hasn't even begun, but rather the world is now sitting on the very edge of the downslope of the roller coaster.

Iran would begin the real thing, the collapse that the flat head, flat earthers have been waiting for. Economies, dollars, rights, will be finished.

Methinks that Barack will not likely become president. Methinks fascism will set it.

The Bushes have a history of that sort of thing, ya know: