Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Jesse Ventura on Faux News on 911 and shut up Sean Hannity


K. said...

Ventura aced that one - I'll vote for him (if I was a US of American)

Da Weaz said...

Long time, no hear. Glad that your life is getting back to normal (in your new location) so that you can contribute.

Cheers, buddy

joyce said...

Hey Weaz..
I was in dire need of a new American hero, one who is honest and not afraid to speak up! We have him!!
Maybe more people will be willing to come forward now.

However, I am surprised that Faux news even opened the door to discuss 911 on the air. Guess Hannity thought he could shut Jesse up , but instead, imagine how many people got to hear what he had to say!

Although, Faux news listeners are not all that bright to begin Well, I am sure he might have gotten a few of them to think!!
Great find!!
peace my friend.

Da Weaz said...

Jesse did a great job. I never have seen the mouthpieces so quiet as they quickly said, "Move on, move on, folks. Nothin' to see here. Move on."

And Jesse was masterful not trying to pin blame, as blame can't be "proven." But raising the question as to the sheer mechanics of the job hopefully will trigger something in a few of the brain dear.

That said, you're still the best.