Thursday, March 06, 2008

When he could've sealed the deal, he didn't

UTEP Professor Believes Obama Made Strategic Mistake

EL PASO, Texas -- Many El Paso voters pushed Hillary Clinton over the top giving her the Texas Democratic Primary over Barack Obama.

While the statewide results were fairly close, it was no contest in El Paso County where Clinton won more than twice as many votes as Obama.

A University of Texas at El Paso Political Science Professor, Dr. Gregory Rocha researched local voters' choices in the Primary. He found over 70 percent of Hispanics in El Paso County voted for Clinton.

He believes Obama may have made a strategic mistake by not campaigning himself in areas outside the state's population centers in Central Texas.

"In other words, he didn't do so well in those parts of the state where he didn't show up. And that would be places like the Panhandle, over here in West Texas and even into South Texas, where he made a few forays but not that much," said Rocha.

By contrast, Clinton kicked off her Texas campaign in El Paso and her husband, former President Bill Clinton came here twice before the primary.

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