Monday, March 24, 2008

Too Orwelian to be believed: Board an airline, get shocked at will. Unbelievable.

Upcoming Airline Security Project

Todays Security has many layers, should those layers fail there is one last line of defense- the EMD Safety Bracelet, patent #6,933,851. Patent # Search. Lamperd Less Lethal has entered into a manufacturing agreement to develop and manufacture this product for world wide distribution using our current technology and expert knowledge in this field. Pending funding by a third party, we invite Investors to help develop this new technology; we anticipate tremendous interest and demand as noted by the Homeland Security correspondence. Please look at the product video to understand the EMD Safety Bracelet use and concept.

These letters from the Department of Homeland Security show that the interest in the Safety (Security) Bracelet includes and goes beyond the Airline Industry.

Pg 1 Homeland Security 7/06

Pg 2 Homeland Security 7/06

Pg 1 Homeland Security 4/06

Pg 2 Homeland Security 4/06

The Wasp material was orginally designed for Less Lethal use, but it's application and use has expanded. It will be ideal for the Safety Bracelet. Please read the very detailed report on the development and characteristics of this material. Barry Lamperd was connected with Pine Tree Law Enforcement, and started the public company Lamperd Less Lethal. Please see the Executive Bios under the Company sub navigation menu for more details and history.

Technical Report of the Wasp Material

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