Sunday, March 02, 2008

Clinton's laws: Vote Obama


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

Masterful. Perfect. This ad strikes me as being the last nail in Billary's coffin.

I'm so relieved the Clinton's are toast.

I was in elementary school when JFK was president so I could not have engaged in the cutting edge excitement.

I'm going to savor every day of the BSO presidency, always mindful of the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. made it all possible.

Da Weaz said...

These Clintons have been so shameful that it is a complete disgrace. They have shown that they would prostitute any and everything that they have purported to believe in simply for a thirst for power.

I revel in their humiliation. Their performance reveals exactly why the Rethuglicans could create the political context to steal power in the midst of an era of peace and prosperity.