Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

Obama gives the cornutos at 2:56 of the Obama Girl video. I wish you would go back and pause at 2:56. This strikes me as being a huge development.

Something I forgot about the photos of the Satyrs, but my daughter reminded me, is that on the label that said 600 b.c. Greece, it also said, "The Devil."

Therefore, the cornuto goes back at least 2600 years as the sign of the devil.

Da Weaz said...

Yes, Soc, I have seen it. But after he is doing a little jig, it could just as well be a hang loose sign, as well. And I know that you can reasonably debate the issue, but the fact is if that if Barack has a spiked tail hanging from his ass and horns out of his head, I would still prefer Lucifer himself than Billary or John "Kiss Dubya's ass" McCain.

And as I have said, the extent to which the known crime family of Clinton and the Faux News network rally to crush him, make me support his on that basis alone.

There are only three choices left. So . . .

As I told you, as well, I really like Ron Paul. Too bad he didn't handle those racist newsletters better. That really stalled him momentum and his money bombs. All the RP supporters went to Barack Obama and eclipsed his fundraising records in leaps and bounds.

Such is life.

The Freewheeling Socrates said...

You shouldn't be getting upset. I'm not trying to bug you.

I'm saying that the cornuto is a symbol of congruence with satanism.

The Clintons are senior members of the cornuto. They are being aced out by a young new initiate whom they think is cutting ahead of them in line. The Clintons are vomiting and shitting their pants. They can't fucking believe this is happening to them.

As for FOX, they are a bunch of Bull Connors racists. They have Jim Crow souls.

As the Obama administration progresses, remembering that he is a member of the cornuto will explain a lot of his actions.

Just for fun, take a look at this:

Da Weaz said...

I am not upset at all.

And I understand your association with the hand signal with Satanism. I agree that that hand signal has such a connection.

In fact, I don't think that we have any disagreement at all.


(at least this time ;-)

Have a great day, and keep it up.