Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barack finally gets off his ass, off the canvas, fights back and scores a huge knockdown


joyce said...

Thanks for posting President Obama's speech. It was wonderful. He stuck up for his minister, as he should have, and yet, did not agree with some of his comments. It was very inspiring, and he came across as a well educated, smart, caring man who cares about everyone. Racism needs to be addressed, not just in the way some people feel, but more so, in the unfair way blacks are dealt with in society by our government and corporations.
I told you I agreed with what Rev. Wright said, and I even agree with the anger he expressed while saying if. Sometimes you have to be brash in order to be heard. But, in this case, the media only let it be heard one way. Which is not surprising. I would love to see someone say, Look, it needed to be said. So, now listen...

well, it was a good speech, he seems to be a good man, I just hope he can get angry enough when the time comes to fight what is really wrong with this country. He will have the backing of the people.

love you

The Freewheeling Socrates said...

Barack is mature, charismatic, well spoken, intelligent, and he is cutting edge GQ.

He has it all.

His star burns bright and is waxing.

Already he is one of the most electrifying personas in American History.

And his legacy is just beginning.

Da Weaz said...

I believed that he could fight. But I just was in agony while he let himself be punished. He IS electrifying and inspiring. His policies ARE NOT as good as Dennis Kucinich's or Ron Paul's, but he is a LEADER. He can INSPIRE people, have them line up and march (Ron Paul WAS a pretty good leader), but Barack, as Soc noted, can be one of the most important in American history.

He can CRUSH Hillary (and after this speech, I think he will), but I HATED watching him let her batter him without retort. He is a rock star: rock star's voice, rock star's charm, rock star's delivery and rock star's looks. And watching him allow Hellery, the criminal witch, redefine him as she saw fit, in a caricature of who he was. disgusted me. Barack's seemingly reckless move of placing himself at the mercy of propagandists like Sean Hannity, to me was appalling.

But like other rock stars: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and even Mohammad Ali, the champions RISE UP in times of adversity. Barack's place was where, as I said, his back was against the wall, this was do or die situation, and he came up GLORIOUS.

It was a speech that can inspire White and Black (and other) Americans (and world citizens) in a way that NO other speech has done in history.

This is a speech that will be hard to spin away, especially with the advent of Gootube and sites like this that can allow people to disbelieve Faux News and trust their own lyin' eyes and ears.

This is a bad day for the New World Order folks, fascists, eugenicists, and ultra-elitists. Democracy struck a blow like never before, and it will once again take a helluva lotta work to put the genie back in the bottle.

Go get 'em, Tiger!

Da Weaz said...

Barack Obama has said that if elected president, he will tell us how he feels, even when we disagree. And, yes, weazl disagrees profoundly with the idea that the problems in the Middle East, particularly as relates to Palestine, do not arise as a result of that actions of our "stalwart ally, Israel", but are rooted in the "hateful ideologies of radical Islam."

No, sir. The treatment of Palestinians and Palestinian legal rights is a blight on the world's conscience in no less of a manner than was apartheid South Africa. The suffering of Palestinians dwarfs that suffered by nearly even all of the most marginalized African Americans who you have properly defended. The role of the United States in bringing about, supporting and even encouraging this marginalization has been indispensable.

Yes, Barack, you should be the president. You will move us forward. But on the single most critical issue of human rights, issue of international law and "national sovereignty", you, like most American politicians, are missing in action.

You are by far the best there is to offer of the remaining candidates. But that our best candidate can be so poor in what is such an obviously clear moral position, proves why others have been a bit cynical about the United States living up to its promise of being a force for justice, equality and the role and rule of law.

And that you were so clear about your position in your speech in which you gave every word the utmost consideration, leads us to recognize that, while you are wonderful on so many levels, the leader we need to accomplish the aspirations on the international level that you have challenged us to achieve on the domestic front is still yet to come.