Thursday, January 03, 2008

The truth about Iowa

Ron Paul Addresses Packed House of Over 600 Iowans, 100 Veterans at ‘Veterans for Ron Paul’ Rally

DES MOINES, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul spoke to an overflowing crowd of over 600, including 100 veterans, tonight at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Fort Des Moines.

Congressman Paul discussed his foreign policy of strength through peace, demanded an end to monetary policies that burden Americans with higher prices, and called for increased transparency for records involving prisoners of war and missing soldiers.

Before Dr. Paul spoke, John Holland, a co-founder of the Rolling Thunder organization which lobbies in support of POW and MIA American soldiers, told the audience about Congressman Paul’s long record as a champion for veterans’ causes.

Over 350 veterans have formally endorsed Dr. Paul for President in just the past few weeks. Congressman Paul served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era.

In addition to the standing-room-only crowd, over 2,000 people viewed the event live online.

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