Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Not good PR for our "Intelligence" agency

48% of news readers say CIA assassinated Bhutto

From: Mathaba

In an online poll conducted by Mathaba News following the assassination of Pakistan female opposition leader Benazhir Bhutto, results show only 20% of readers believe Al-Qaida is responsible.

22% of those voting held Musharaf, the current leader of Pakistan responsible, while 48% thought the C.I.A. had the leader assassinated.

The poll further reveals that western media do not ask such questions of readers, perhaps afraid of what the results may show to the general public, probably preferring to conduct such polls away from media publicity.

It presents a challenge to U.S. media such as C.N.N. to ask similar questions, giving the options to their readers to choose options which may be unpalatable, concerning their leaders and government institutions.

13% of respondents expressed no opinion or "did not know". As the poll simply asked "Who assassinated Bhutto?" and not "Who do you think assassinated Bhutto?", the results show a very high level of mistrust of western intelligence agencies among the general news reading public.

The CNN poll run at the same time, asked readers simply if Bhutto's body should now be exhumed for a post-mortem, giving only 2 options "yes" or "no".

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