Sunday, December 02, 2007

weakend at weazl's: Afghan Massacre - The Convoy of Death

This is a movie made in 2002 by Irish documentary filmmaker Jamie Doran about war crimes committed on Taliban soldiers in November 2001 after they had surrendered to America’s Afghan allies after the siege of Kunduz. It shows eyewitnesses relating how people were transported in containers for several days, some of them suffocated, others died when the containers were fired upon "in order to make holes for the air to get in" - this was later alluded to in the Turkish movie Valley of the Wolves. US military and CIA agents were allegedly present. Mass graves of thousands of victims were found by the United Nations but no official investigation took place.

weazl saw this movie years ago and this movie predated this blog. Thanks for Otto for reminding me of it.


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

all alone. nobody wants to come out and play. You are howling at the moon in such horrible isolation that no one will know you howled.

I downloaded the final cut of Zeitgeist. It's all true. Ron Paul said it's true. He said the trilatteral commission has deleted national sovereignty and is sectioning off the globe. He said he and others oppose such a move and are nationalists who prefer borders.

He said it plain and simple on national television. Few seemed to notice and fewer care just as the Jews were shuntered passively from ghettos to showers.

The buzz today is rudy, hillary, McCain and the preacher Huckabee.

Hey guys! Anyone up for a bible thumper president?

Your stories on the aids virus and ebola in Africa with the extermination of Africans as focus -- two things: 1) rack up another empirical truth for Charles Darwin, and, 2)Those they insulted they raped, those they raped they pummeled, those they pummeled they killed.

I'm feeling awfully stark and alone today.

Bob Dylan says, "Everything is Broken."

I was right about human beings as nothing more than fungal bacteria. It hatched, grew, spread, and died.

Jack Kerouac said in Desolation Angels, "Someday I will die. I am dead already." The first statement lasted 10 years. The second statement has been true for 39 years.

everything is nothing, weazl.

K. said...

You’re not quite alone, you’re amongst an increasing group of people who have become aware of the prevailing political realities; the question is what do we do with our new found knowledge do we roll over and die or use our so called intellect to fight back, what is it to be Soc?

Da Weaz said...

I agree with K. It might seem a little bleak, but the Ron Paul movement/revolution suggests that we are not alone. The mainstream media is doing all that it can to prevent the dam from bursting, and even in this regard, with Ron Paul's coffers swelling daily, they are failing.

We're winning. Just sometimes it doesn't feel that way realizing the mess and the stench that we will have to clean up and watching (impatiently) the crimes that are being perpetrated in our names.