Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ron Paul getting attention: attack dogs released


joyce said...

What is so disgusting, is all the people who actually watch Fox news and will learn about Dr. Paul this way. We do have a battle on our hands. Imagine, Ron Paul does not like America, No, Ron Paul does not like THIS America..and anyone who is awake would agree with him.

Let the battle begin.

take care and peace.

Da Weaz said...

If this is the best attack the neo Cons can do, it is no surprise that they want to kill him.

K. said...

Its interesting isnt it whilst the lapdog media have been generally writing off Ron Paul, at the sametime characteres like Karl Rove and others have mades statements where they say they see him as a threat.

So expect more manufucatured rubbish to come of that barn door against Mr Paul, and his supporters.