Monday, December 31, 2007

No surprise from Faux News

Fox News Excludes Ron Paul from Presidential Debate After All

Fox news eliminating debate participation of only anti-war Presidential candidate: Ron Paul
Fox News has excluded Ron Paul from participating in the last debate the weekend before the primary election begins. The debated occurs on January 6, less than one day after two back to back Republican and Democratic debates are being held at the same location sponsored by ABC News, WMUR-TV and Facebook.

Ron Paul supporters will be holding rallies, writing letters to the editor, boycotting all sponsors, calling Fox news and in an additional move there is even talk of contacting all shareholders of the company that owns Fox news (I will let you look that up yourself) and is advising everyone to sell sell sell and for those of you not able to sell, buy short. I am not offering any advice, I am only reporting what I have seen in print.

Ron Paul himself, a man who rarely gets upset over all of these decisions to oust him from events, stated "They are scared of me and don't want my message to get out, but it will," he continued "They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative."

As I have been saying for months, the mainstream media is not to be trusted and this is further proof of it. This is a Presidential election for goodness sake, not an election for scout master. Fox News is heavy handedly affecting the outcome of the election of the President of the Free World. The simple act of excluding Ron Paul will have a huge impact on the election. New Hampshire, although it has lost half of its delegates due to holding their primaries too soon, is still the first primary in the nation (Iowa holds the first caucus) and thus has a huge effect on who people will determine is an electable candidate.

I have never subscribed to the "who is most popular" method of picking a candidate, I prefer to choose based on substance, but there are many who still believe that it is wasting a vote to vote for the man you want to win if you think he could lose and instead choose a lesser candidate with more of a chance. Nonsense. All you get by voting for the lesser of two evils is evil. You do not get a prize for voting for the man who turned out to be the winner. If you want the war to end, then Ron Paul is the only Republican who is willing to take that stance and the only man who voted against the war in the first place. One of the reasons our economy is falling so rapidly along with the dollar is because of our government's war spending.

Those of you that are fine with Fox news choosing who are viable candidates, sit back and enjoy the propaganda. If there are any folks left with a little gumption, Ron Paul's staff is planning a rally that will take place at the same time as the 90 minute (ummm, debate?) will air on television. The Fox "debate" will be taped at Saint Anselm College in Goffstown, NH. It is hard to call it a debate when they have limited participation to only candidates who agree about the war and nearly every other neo-con un-conservative position. They cannot even claim that they are doing this by who is doing better in the polls because Ron Paul is polling higher than some of those invited. Fox is blatantly attempting to affect the outcome of this political election. (Is that legal under FCC rules?)

Of course Fox news if free to eliminate any candidate they want. They are (or should be) a free market enterprise and Ron Paul would whole-heartedly agree. However, that does not mean that the market won't respond. How that market will respond, well, I guess we will have to wait and see.

For me, I hope the market response is to tell Fox that their brand of propaganda (dishonestly described as news) isn't selling.

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Christopher S. Lawton said...

Why Be Surprised? Fox is the NeoCon Central.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

We need to send thank you notes to Fox for handing us this opportunity. Now, the Ron Paul Revolution can show America why the past 'debates' always leave them with more questions.

Fox is excluding the candidate who raised the most money; money raised from small donations, direct from the hearts and labor of Americans; by doing that they finally admit, "Presidential campaigns, all political campaigns, are carried out to simulate elections. The people can have no real choices. The real choices are made by those who own us, corporations."

For our entire lifetimes those same corporations, working through and with government, have controlled us. They accomplish that through our mortgages, with banks issuing those mortgages by creating money, against the law but with the cooperation of the FED and government. They do it with credit card companies that change the terms and then hound us for with usurious interest rates. They do it through the money we earn and struggle to save, sucking out our labor for their own profit through endless expansion of the money supply. Every part of our lives profits them; therefore they demand to control all of us.

They exclude Ron because he speaks the truth about all of these things. For the same reason they are determined that the real questions will not be asked. Cast your mind back to past debates; you will hear that echoing silence. All questions were parsed to avoid exposing the collusion between government and corporations that is used to keep us on the grids of their greed.

They use our love of America, our honesty, our decency, our concern for our families, our patriotism, our love of God, to exact that control. They divide us and manipulate us so that we fight each other instead of seeing the truth.

Then, they run elections.

That is the simulation they play to entertain and confuse us. With the Ron Paul Revolution that stopped working like the smoothly orchestrated play they have put on for so long.

We need therefore to thank them for this monumental opportunity. That is what this is. Yes, boycott their advertisers. But get ready to move into a new phase of Revolution.

We will have our own debate. This time, we frame the debate and set the rules. This time the questions they evade are the ones asked.

We will let CNN or another media outlet televise the event. Those who write the questions will be the people who understand what has been happening to America, the voices silenced until now. We will make sure they answer those questions even if the GOP candidates, personally, remain silent.

The GOP Presidential Debate in New Hampshire will be held where ever they choose. Close by we will hold the real Debate. We will invite all of the candidates. They will decline, pleading their prior commitment. They will suspect what is coming.

Every living individual, and perhaps the ghosts of the previous Revolutionaries, will sense the importance of the event. The blimp will be flashing its message, the Granny Warriors will be on the ground and on the air. The people will begin signing the Declaration of Independence for the 2nd Revolution across the New Hampshire, focusing in on Ron Paul Hall.

Online sites will cover unfolding events. Local papers will get updates, ready to print several times a day.

Airplanes with banners will be seen from every town, from every farm. Every citizen of New Hampshire will understand that the people are about to be heard. The State of Live Free or Die will remember its proud heritage, recalled to that vision by ordinary people who have discovered they can do it themselves.

The embers of freedom will ignite.

The media has used the debates to keep us in line. Before we were content to just be included, Dr. Paul marginalized and sneered at by such as Sean Hannity. That is over.

Now we shatter their pretensions, change the frame of assumptions they take for granted, taking up the vision of freedom promised in the Declaration of Independence. Beginning in New Hampshire we will start climbing off their grid of media deceit, intended to control us, keep us compliant and quiet.

We will begin signing a new Declaration, with the causes carefully laid out.

We build a new media, connecting Americans to the truth.

In the hall we hire, Ron Paul Hall, the seats will be filled to overflowing the night of January 6th. Big screens will have been set up in buildings and parks nearby. The people will have been gathering for days to hear and see.

The black limousines will roll up to the GOP event through crowds holding signs that read, "The Revolution is Here," and "Join the Ron Paul Revolution." Activists, as ever, will innovate, exercising their power. The faces of the GOP candidates and their few supporters will be ashen. They will feel fear although no threats were ever made. We will ignore them.

In their auditorium there will be many empty seats; it will feel cold, abandoned. Their audience will be comprised of GOP faithful who are hoping for profits from their political activities. They will be uncomfortable, tense. A few will wear buttons in support of some candidate. Those who do will have carried those buttons in pockets to the event before putting them on.

They are afraid because their world is ending. They no longer matter. They are the past. We are the future of America.

In the Ron Paul Hall excitement will have been building for days; there will be laughter and joy, tears and nearly unbearable anticipation. Those attending will know that this event will be one that remains with them forever. The two events will take place at exactly the same time. No events could be more different. One is about the end, the other a new beginning.

On stage there will be an individual for each absent candidate. Each is highly qualified, grounded in all relevant disciplines, someone who has done the research thoroughly and completely. The compiled record of votes, life history, platform, how and when that platform changed, and, very important, who is funding them, will be available. Absent, each candidate will speak through their own record, despite their silence. Ron Paul will speak for himself. Only he has lived transparently.

The Master of Ceremonies, Chris Lawton, will ask the questions giving each their turn. But what you will hear, for the first time, is the truth, drawn from the evidence of what each has done.

America will hear. On a screen above the stage you will see the GOP event as it limps along. The sound from that event is turned off, as it should be. Their words were all lies, anyway.

When all the words are spoken there will be a long moment of silence.

From that moment the Revolution will flow into the mainstream of America.

The website made available so that all can see for themselves the documentation may occasionally go down, over loaded with traffic; demand will grow. On the sputtering campaign trail candidates will continue to lie. Several will drop out of the race. Americans will study those hard, unpalatable facts they had not imagined possible. In the days that follow each will experience anguish, revulsion, and then acceptance.

And the Revolution will grow because the people see the truth and have the tools to enact change.

We live in a human world that is held in place through our faith. We have accepted ideas that we never asked be proved. That faith made it possible for our lives and labor to be converted into the wealth controlled by individuals without conscience. Now, we, the people, will get the answers.

The people will govern themselves because now they can.

Caldera said...

This is how I felt when I heard about this:

Now, we all know that there was some misunderstandings and some AP releases that were misconstrued; this debate was actually cancelled 3 weeks ago... so we've heard. Whether or not the 'exclusion' release was 'released' on purpose to help cause confusion in the Ron Paul community, we don't know. It could also be a cover up from Fox, after they realized the sh*t storm they created.

Regardless, let's try to make sure we don't jump to conclusions, and keep our focus and energy on talking to new people every day about Ron Paul, trying to get more people to the polls. We don't want a close race, we want a landslide victory for the People of America! The last thing we need is BS to fizzle our focus and cause disruptions within our goals of making Ron Paul our President.

Anonymous said...

Call Saint Anselm College, where Fox will hold the forum, and ask how they can allow Fox on their campus. Fox's decision goes against every ideal the College stands for!

Saint Anselm College: (603) 641-7000