Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More disappointment: Ron Paul unsure about the theory of evolution (not the most important issue, but definitely not smart)


joyce said...

In support of his statement..he did say there is no absolute proof on either side. Now, its obvious that evolution is by far the most believable, however, who really really knows exactly how it all started. I discount the religious part totally..that is just ignorance and pretty stupid..especially the adam and eve stuff, which i actually know people who believe that.
But what i am saying is about evolution, we did evolve..but from apes? If we evolved from apes, then why are there still apes..wouldn't they all have evolved. I guess the point is, everything we have learned so far about our past, has been wrong, so who can say they have it right this time. Not to mention, there are other galaxies up there..and going back to ancient Egypt, the writings on the wall showed space who knows..I tend to stick with the fact: we really do not know for sure, there are other options.

this alien loves you LOL

me again said...

Clarifying my last statement: I do believe in evolution, without a doubt, I just do not no from what we evolved from. There, now I feel better...and I also think other 'planets' could be a source.
We really do not know for sure, I just do not trust anything I hear anymore....

K. said...

Considering all the criminality that exists at the highest level of government as far as ones personal views on evolution, in the grand schema of things, it doesn't matter what you 'Adam and Eve' in.

joyce said...

I was just over at Huffington Post and they are having a huge discussion about this comment Ron Paul made about evolution.

I agree with you that it should not be an issue, but it is. There are people saying that they could never vote for someone who questions evolution because they would be questioning scientific proof. The current administration has made this an important issue, wrong as it is.

I personally do not like religion at all, and when it is mixed with government you have trouble. It divides people even more. The issues they keep bringing up, are issues that should not even be concerning government, but this administration has given them a front row. Ron Paul, whatever his beliefs, will NOT push them on anyone. He feels government has no right to tell people what to do.

It really is a mess, and yes, there is more criminality than we have ever seen, and it seems to have just been swept under the oval office rug.

We can just hope for change, and an honest election. That is probably not going to happen though..but its a good thought.
peace to you