Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Writing on the wall (and on the blog)

America; Decending to 3rd World Status?

by Mike Folkerth

Good Morning Middle America, welcome to your King of Simple News Network, where the news that concerns Middle America is reported daily while we still have a Middle America to report to.

This is one of those mornings that I wish I were blissfully ignorant. I find myself understanding far too much about America’s precarious condition.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, an Arab investment group, bought a stake in Citibank yesterday. The Chinese, Arabs, East Indians, Japanese et al, loan us approximately $3 Billion per day in an attempt to keep us treading water. More than 3 Million jobs have been lost in industry and farming continues it’s slide to corporate ownership.

There are between 12 and 15 million known illegals in the U.S.. Medicare is slated to fail within 10 years. Personal savings remain negative for the third consecutive year (never before seen in our history). The first of 78,000,000 baby boomers become eligible for social security in about a month.

The national debt has increased by 1000% in the last 25 years to $9 Trillion and we have become the largest debtor nation on earth. Middle America is being selectively wiped out by our own countries trade policies, and it appears that Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani are the candidates we will have to choose from for President. What have we done?

Some how, some way, we have to awaken Middle America; life as we know it for this class of Americans is in the balance. If either of the candidates mentioned above are elected, I truly believe that we are finished. Neither of them have any intention or any viable plan for saving Middle America. They are totally and completely beholden to special interests…rich special interests.

Many, many years ago a good friend who is very bright and very realistic, explained to me that the U.S. could become a third world economy in the blink of an eye. I wanted to believe that he was crazy; but I knew better.

He explained that once a person loses his or her job, it’s a short trip to 3rd world status. That being said, employment then, is all that separates us from that unfortunate state. That, and the social safety net that currently exists to supposedly create a floor for the level that one could sink.

But wait…who supports that safety net? The remaining job holders; so with no jobs is there a safety net? The short answer is no.

I want you to do something for me. Come on, pacify me for just a moment. I want you to pretend that you are unemployed. Not only unemployed, but unemployable, as in there are no jobs available. How long would it be before you reached third world status?

Don’t just dismiss this as, “It won’t happen to me.” That is what the 25,000 people being furloughed (as we speak) from Chrysler thought. Or the 30,000 from GM. I could go on, but it’s plain that industry is leaving the U.S. daily. See the first paragraph of this post.

What would you do? Where would you go? I can tell you; in a short time you would go broke and reach third world status. Scary huh? But you say you’re in management and life is good. Here’s a prediction. I hope I’m wrong. I believe the next huge round of layoffs in the U.S. will be in upper middle management. Companies in trouble (like say banks) jettison their heaviest baggage first.

The #1 job in the U.S. is that of a sales clerk. Number two? A cashier.

The basic employment in the U.S. is not creating wealth, it’s creating debt!

Think about all that I’ve just said. These may be dark thoughts, but unfortunately, all too true. Third world status is just a pink slip away. And what are your main stream politicians doing for you? They’re helping you pack for the trip!

We need a radical leadership change. Consider Congressman Ron Paul, or another candidate that expresses some hope for Middle America.

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