Friday, November 23, 2007

The US media once again asking the tough questions to allow Americans to make an informed decision about one of the world's most powerful positions


joyce said...

Hi Weaz

I would be proud to call these awesome people, President Kucinich, and First Lady Elizabeth Kucinich.

I know it would certainly be bizzare to actually speak to the rulers of others countries, instead of bombing them because they won't obey American orders, but ya know..Dennis K may have apoint. Conversation and unity. A new concept.

The Freewheeling Socrates said...

That Ron Paul forum site I told you about has banned me from posting. It took only three days for them to shut me up.

They now have a stated policy that if three people flag a person's comment as "offensive," that person will be banned.

Just before they kicked me out, I told them I thought the trolls were funny. That they should be allowed to stay for the sake of free speech and because they were becoming a laugh riot.

But these Ronettes and Paulites have NO sense of humor whatsoever. They have now favored a policy of strict censorship. Their guideline is, "What Whould Ron Paul Do?"

They are banning any posters who say things that Ron Paul himself would not say.

And they have a new warning posted: "(paraphrase) Any talk of 9/11, the New World Order, government coverups, the JFK assassination, and like minded comments will not be tolerated."

What do you make of this, weaze?

Da Weaz said...

Soc, to be honest, I understand. The entire mainstream media is waiting to depict Ron Paul as a lunatic supported by "conspiracy theorists", white supremacists and flat earthers. Of course, as someone who runs a website that believes in free speech, I don't like the policy. But if I were running a campaign, I would institute the same policy so that the New York Times wouldn't make a mosaic of quotes that, even if true, would damn near damn his campaign.

If you want to say whatever you want, say it here. Let the trolls have their playground. To be honest, we are dealing with issues a helluva lot more major than whether posts stay up on a webpage, at this point.

Here: I'll put a video that I received on the JFK assassination then yet again exposes the sheer audacity of the hit.

But it is where it should be: on weazl's revenge. Not on a Ron Paul site.