Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sorry, there will be no holdouts to one world government. And if it fails, we'll simply try again later

Denmark to hold fresh vote on euro

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Denmark will hold a referendum on whether to adopt the euro and drop other exemptions to European Union cooperation, including in defense and law enforcement, the prime minister said Thursday.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen's center-right government was re-elected last week.

Danish voters rejected the European common currency in a 2000 referendum. The Scandinavian country has also opted out of participating in other areas of EU cooperation.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said at a news conference it was time to reassess those exemptions, which Denmark was granted in the early 1990s.

"A lot has changed since," he said. "It is the right time to take a decision."

No date was set for a vote but it would be held during the next four years, said the prime minister, whose center-right government was re-elected last week.

It was not immediately clear whether there would be a separate vote for each of the exemptions.

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The Freewheeling Socrates said...

The same nincompoops are still there at FPM. If you read a cross-section of the comments you can get a clear idea of the vast wasteland in most people brains. The same people that were there, shouting you and me down, are still posting today. Think about it. The same gang of worthless, boring, dull, ignorant people have been conversing together for 5 years! Can it GET more STALE than that!

There is one thing I saw I agree with:

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving, professor Weazl! You have been an irreplaceable element in my expanding knowledge and awareness.

If I was in Paris tonight, and if I was still with any amount of youthful energy, and if I had about $100 to burn, I would love to visit the bars and nightclubs that Talouse Latrec used to frequent and paint.

Live it up tonight, weaze! And when the crowd is wailing and the girls are flip flapping, drink a toast to me and I will certainly raise my toasting mug to the one and only, often imitated but never duplicated, master of everything true and worthwhile, Professor Weazl!!

Da Weaz said...

Live it up, Soc. I am sure you saw my earlier post, but I then figured we'd leave out the FPM history as just an inside joke between us.

Cheers, friend. As you know, knowledge can be a double edged sword. Are some of those blissfully ignorant enviable? Kinda, kinda not.

But I guess we have made our bed, and simply must lay in it.

Anyway, salut to my adversary turned comrade as we try to avoid the looming disaster that is being stirred up by the fascists content on the blissful slumber of the "unwashed."

Save me the drumstick, a bit of cranberry sauce and some sweet potato pie!