Saturday, November 24, 2007

Something to remember about November 22

How they killed Kennedy

Could it be any clearer?

The video speaks for itself.

Against all logic, the two Secret Service bodyguards closest to Kennedy were told to stand down. Minutes later Kennedy was shot.

This footage was suppressed for many years after the assassination.

The "conspiracy theorists" who believe Kennedy was murdered by a lone nut who was in turn murdered by another lone nut have never addressed this footage.


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

The stand down order is new to me. It is further proof of a planned execution. The NWO took firm control of the American government that day. Johnson was their willing puppet due to what he had seen and a supposed admonition that he too could be replaced.

The Ron Paul site then is right to censure people like me. I've got a big mouth. They are playing their cards as though in the world series of poker. I really hope they can pull this off.

joyce said...

This is really amazing. Had never seen this..but I can see why it was kept out of the way. Wonder if they can identify the man who gave the order to pull away, and if the sob is still alive?

And yes, I agree the NWO took over that day..I also think Johnson had something to do with the assassination also..remember the picture: The Wink !! I have a copy if you want to see it.

Da Weaz said...

THREE future presidents were involved in the assassination and one was involved in covering it up:

The three involved BEFORE the hit were: Richard Nixon, George Bush and Lyndon Johnson.

And the one involved in covering it up was Gerald Ford.

This is not come crazy conspiracy theory, but each one of the three could be charged and convicted as an accessory before the fact in the hit or a co-conspirator.