Monday, November 19, 2007

So how's that "War against Terrah" workin' out for ya?

Afghan policemen hanged, mutilated

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) -- Taliban militants slashed the hands and legs of five abducted policemen in southern Afghanistan and hung their mutilated bodies from trees in a warning to villagers against working with the government, officials said Sunday.


U.S. soldiers guard the Shoura, or Conference of tribal elders in Charbaron, Afghanistan, on Sunday.

The discovery of the bodies came as officials said that recent violence and clashes had left at least 68 people dead across Afghanistan.

The officers had been abducted two months ago from their checkpoint in southern Uruzgan province, said Juma Gul Himat, the provincial police chief. The Taliban slashed their hands and legs and hung the bodies on trees Saturday in Gazak village of Derawud district, he said.

"The Taliban told the people that whoever works with the government will suffer the same fate as these policemen," Himat said. "This village is under Taliban control. There are more than 100 Taliban in this village."

Two tribal elders received the bodies of the policemen on Sunday, he said.

More than 6,000 people have died in insurgency-related violence this year -- a record number, according to an Associated Press count based on figures from Western and Afghan officials.

The executions followed several days of violence in the country's south which left at least 63 people dead, including 58 militants and two Canadian soldiers.

Also in Uruzgan, police shot and killed two suspected Taliban militants on Sunday as they approached a police checkpoint on a motorbike, Himat said.

In Zabul province, the Taliban ambushed and clashed with an army patrol Saturday night, leaving 11 suspected insurgents dead and four soldiers wounded, said Qasem Khan, a provincial police official.

Authorities recovered the bodies of the 11 militants killed alongside their weapons, Khan said.

In southern Helmand province, a suicide bomber attacked a NATO patrol Sunday in Gereshk district, damaging a vehicle but causing no casualties, said provincial police chief Mohammad Hussein Andiwal.

In Kandahar province, Canadian and Afghan troops battled militants and called in airstrikes in Zhari district on Saturday. One Afghan soldier and at least 20 suspected militants were killed, said provincial police chief Sayed Agha Saqeb.

A roadside bomb hit a NATO vehicle during the same battle, killing two Canadian soldiers and their translator and wounding three other Canadian troops, officials said.

Separately, a suicide bomber on a motorbike attacked a NATO convoy in Nangarhar province's Chaparhar district, killing an Afghan civilian and wounding another NATO soldier, officials said Saturday.

Elsewhere, 23 Taliban militants were killed during a U.S.-led coalition operation on Thursday aimed at disrupting a weapons transfer in southern Afghanistan, the coalition said.

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The Freewheeling Socrates said...

Weazl, I'm attempting to welcome a new poster named "simpleman1776." His greatness is being rewarded with governmental punishment.

If you're reading this, HELLO TOM!

The Weazl and I have been studying here for several years now.

Everything goes. Not only does weazl not censor anything, HE is usually the boldest contributor.

We have found out about everything here. The new world order, 9/11, the Cheney / Halliburton concentration camps, the coming of martial law in great detail, the invasion of the middle east complete with genocide and wholesale rape of the world and, trusting in the truth as our guide, we see the global nightmare clearly now.

Please join us in studying and posting. You would honor me by studying these articles and posting your opinion.

Da Weaz said...

Thanks, Soc. And welcome, Tom.

simpleman1776 said...


There are much better sites out there to hang out at.

One site gives you 499 gigs of space and 10,000 gigs of bandwidth free every month and tones of chat boards and blogs to set up.

I'm going to have to set up a good one.

Anyways I got booted from that Ron Paul site.

People fear the truth and that guy is a fag. (Really) and I told him this movement is Christian and fags regardless of what they say or think aren’t getting past Jesus at the gate, he says put the abominations to death.

And whoosh I was gone.

So be it.

Listen guys, I'm noting special, in fact I’m a fool. I jumped in thinking America will rally around the truth, I was wrong, 99% of America wont even research or learn the truth let alone rally behind it.

Even when in the know, they are cowards and whimper in fear, who needs them.

I ruined my life, it's too late to turn back, so I go full speed ahead. It's the American spirit.

I'm no different then you guys.

The evil and corrupt are all around you, start speaking out and talking to people of power about world government and you see how they respond.

You are a threat to them, as for they are in on it or they turn a blind eye.

They cant make a movie about me, I'm not done yet, I’ve just begun, I haven’t proved myself in battle earning the right for men to follow me and fight the new world order, it will happen in time, this I'm sure of.

I'm not a talker, I’m a doer.

Guess I'll end it there for now; I’ll stop back, feel free to email me anytime and say or ask anything, or even just to talk,

I'm all-alone here and wouldn't mind a bit.

See ya.


About getting booted off the fairies site.
See I don’t go looking for trouble, it searches me out and finds me.

All because I’m old school and speak my mind as my father did and his before him.

Da Weaz said...

Well, I think it is kind of silly for you to say that Ron Paul is a fag when he's been married for nearly fifty years to the same woman, but you won't be booted for writing it.

Who do you think is better?

simpleman1776 said...

About getting booted off the fairies site.

see that, does that say that I said ron paul is a fag, or does it say the guy who runs the site ?

come on man, open your eyes and think.

simpleman1776 said...

you can tell by the guys picture, he's gay.

someone wrote a comment to the page and it was complete dribble, no spaces and was just an incoherant babble, I told him to take that cock out of his mouth and speak english.

is saying that bad ?

how about his your nuts, should be locked up and shot.

i think his is worse then mine, but the web master booted me, why ?

because he's gay and sucks a big one fro pleasure, then i got into it with him.

hey, truth is truth.

the man is gay and thinks he's one of us, he's wrong, he's gay and no gay man is on my side, they are a babalyonian abomination as jesus himself said.

you cant be christian and gay and ignore the gay in the bible and still think you belong.

it dont work that way no matter what you believe.

right or wrong, politically correct or not.

jesus said put them to death, he is not allowed in our club.


christians dont want perverts around our young boys. they molest them, thats how they became gay 99%of the time, they we're molested and were infected with the sickness.

ask any gay person how it came to be they realized they were gay, their first older man touched him while he was young.

i fought these sick people in my town, 1 guy went down for 16 yrs,

i was almost raped by a cop who's gay, he held me captive all night and stripped me naked, i fought him off all night,i hit him with a hammer and ran through the screen in a screen door.

i have no respect for these sick people.

they are mentally unbalanced, they got a wire crossed. sex is for reproduction not sport.

the sexual drive for men for women is the preservation of the species.
it's not about love.

thats man creation.

sex is to have children and reproduce, that is fact.

simpleman1776 said...

dude, 1 last thing.

make no mistake about it.

this movment is not ron pauls doing, he even said on alezx jones today, this is not his movment, he's was just picked and put in the spot light.

he said today on live radio, this is a culmination of 2 decades of work by many people, the patriot community.

thats a nice word for MILITIA.

i am militia, alex is militia, mark keornke is militia.

we are all militia.

(if you want to hear some good radio and fill in the blanks and hook up with millions of people who are in this fight for 20 yrs, I'll point to you them)

but these new fly by night people are like fair weather fans, looking to be on a winning team as if this is a football game , it's not.

it's deadly seroiuse.

this is war, we are fighting against world government, most have gone to jail some of us are dead, but all refuse to quit.

if that scares you, you dont belong, and i have no reason to be here talking to you.

Notice I'm not holding back, i'm not being polite and not ....not saying words the socialists made bad.

I am militia and there is goig to be a war here in america if this doesnt get fixed, soon.

(take it from me, ron will not win, this will not be fixed over night, there is going to be a fight)

now you know why I have had so many problems and have cops all over me.

I am militia and they are brain washed into thinking I am a terrorist, wern't our founders rebels, didnt the militia win the war ? doesnt the constitution say all me shall be in the militia.

it doesnt say FBI, ATF or martial law to round us up.

Now I cant join queer nation or nambla because i'm not gay and i dont rape little boys.

Like wise they can not be in our gang because they are gay.

mans body does not have a vagina, it is not designed to interact with another mans body.

Sticking your peter up the out door and sucking off another man is abnormal and sick.

they are mentally deficiant.

it's adam and eve not adam and steve.

you can spot a dyke cop by her hair, like wise i can spot gay men by their looks.

i spoke the truth and that fruit loop took offense, who cares,

I dont take offense when gay men say you screw women ?

or that you I am a hetrosexual ?

why is it bad to call a homosexual a fag, short for faggot, a gay man.

why is their word dirty and bad but not ours ?

because we are normal and they are abnormal.

end of story.

we are militia and christian, but we welcome all races and sexes, but not gays.

it goes against christianity and thats that.

if jesus said fags are ok, then we'de say fags are ok, but he doesnt.

they need to take it up with him when he sends them to hell

it's not my problem, it's theirs.

this is about god given rights, not gay rights.

they have no special sick pervert rights in my book.

i dont care what the fed says.

see ya

simpleman1776 said...

oops, left out all religions are welcome also in the militia, but not homosexuals.

forgive my spelling mistakes..I'm tired and didnt proof read.

Da Weaz said...

I am surprised that you're such close friends with Soc and are supportive of Christianity.

Soc would be the first one to tell you that Christianity is a fairy tale full of shit, and I'd be the second.

I suggest you take a little time to proofread. It will make you much more easily understood.


simpleman1776 said...

I'm a very busy person.
if a few spelling errors upset you, why the hell did you contact me?

2nd, I already said that my internet is really screwing up my attempt to post on this chitty page,the java is crashing my connection and it's rewriting words and putting them out of order.

so far I have rewritten this little bit 3 times just for you.

There is 1 thing I hate more then Fags and that's a cry baby who complains about spelling errors.

you know what it says.

Get a grip, I'm not here to please you, I could care a less if it's easy for you to read or not.

your so smart, figure it out, if you cant figure out my posts, then you cant read law books and history and put it all together.

I believe that's your bio, this is your blog right ?

you are a lawyer ?

do you know what the bar assn is ?
I do?

British maritime jurisdiction.
the British aristocratic regency, you are a British lord and a member of a treasonous group who has subverted our real legal system (common law) and imposed an equity court upon us where it's all about money and human rights and the constitution has no part in it.

I was going to be a lawyer until I found out it's treason.


In 4 bc Constantine, the emperor of Rome, was beside himself, he couldn't stomp out the Christians. he'd whack one and 10 would pop up.

there's an old saying , If you cant beat them, join them, so he did, he took his divided kingdom and laid Christianity on top of pagan festivals and ceremonies.

he converted the kingdom to Christianity in name only.

Christianity is 6000 yr old luciferianism.

Jesus was a Jewish rabbi, he was not Christian.

I am in the middle. Not Jewish, and certainly not Christian.
I am a reformed Christian, Jesus was a man, not a god, who opposed world gov. was framed and murdered for it.

sounds like me and is probably my fate as well, so be it.

I even stand out among the militia as for I refuse to celebrate Christmas, because I'm Christian.

Jesus says my people perish as for lack of knowledge.

he says come out of the beast system and do not par take in pagan ceremonies.

he says do not bring the tree into the house and decorate it with gold and silver. Gold and silver is the god to the money changers that Jesus beat and threw out of the temple.

the tree.

Also in 4 bc, king herod of Babylon proclaimed a miracle, on dec 25 an ever green tree grew out of an old oak tree stump, he proclaimed that day to be the birthday of the sun god bale

way ahead of you.

dec. 25 th is bales birthday, the sun god, not Jesus the son of god.

Easter is eastera, or the Egyptians called her ishtar, the pagan goddess of fertility.

when the rabbit dies the egg is fertilized, the egg is the symbol of fertility and the rabbit, well..when it dies the woman is preg.

they would have orgies and get the virgins preg, 9 months later they gave birth and 3 months after that it was ishtar again so they sacrificed the children, slit their throats and drained the blood into a vat, then they took the fertility symbol ( the egg) dipped it into the blood ( Easter eggs ) and set them out on display as a tribute to bale.

drinking wine as blood, eating bread as flesh and worshiping the sacrafice, is satanism and canabalism

Egyptians called him rah, Rome called him o'sirus and today we call him Lucifer ( Satan)

I don't need to ask anyone anything.There's nothing I don't know about history or what's going on.

there..I had to rewrite that 2 times, my letters keep disappearing .

scratch that 3 times, the letter s on the word (letters) flew away into cyber space.

I'm not sitting here all day, everyday adding letters and rewriting things over and over just for cry babies.

I can tell I have no reason to talk to you.

there's a cool thread you should go to, it's called romper room.

see ya.

simpleman1776 said...


Da Weaz said...

You can quite this "chitty" blog, but you really should stick around for a while and make us laugh.

You write "In 4 bc Constantine, the emperor of Rome, was beside himself, he couldn't stomp out the Christians".

How many Christians do you think there were in 4 BC?

Do you know what BC means?

If you were so busy then your posts wouldn't be so damn long and say so little. Pages and pages about getting booted off of Ron Paul's site. And yet when someone doesn't stroke your belly, you want to run away and yet whine about cry babies.

If you want to either read about or discuss real stuff then you're welcome. If not, then don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

And just to be clear: I didn't contact you, I only welcomed you.