Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ron Paul slowly breaking past the mainstream media blackout

Dark Horse of the Year: Ron Paul

We've chosen presidential candidate Ron Paul as our Dark Horse of the Year—in GQ's December Men of the Year issue, on stands nationwide on November 27th. Here's why.


Washington sure seems like a town full of bullies sometimes. Along comes a 72-year-old physician from south Texas who weighs maybe 140 pounds with rocks in his pockets, whom most people, at the beginning of the year, couldn't have picked out of a two-person lineup, who took in barely enough first-quarter money to buy a fancy Italian car, who comes armed with ideas both misbegotten (Abolish the Fed!) and very much not (End this war! Stop indefinitely detaining human beings!), and what do the folks who run the Republican Party do? They try to silence him. The head of the Michigan Republicans calls for his removal from the debates. Rudy Giuliani attacks him for—what else?—insufficient patriotism. To witness this is to understand the fear Ron Paul has instilled in the GOP. He has tapped into his party's silent minority, one that won't abide torture, reckless spending, or endless war. And his supporters (and admittedly, there are some real conspiracy-minded moonbats among them) have rewarded Paul for his courageousness, to the tune of more than $5 million in campaign contributions in the third quarter—about the same as John McCain has raised. It isn't a revolution, but Ron Paul's candidacy serves as a reminder that electoral politics needn't be a joyless march to a clothespin vote. It can be daring and kind of kooky, too. —Greg Veis


joyce said...

Ever notice, they always have to call some of his supporters 'moonbats', when the people who supported bush were about as weird as you can get. At least we do not believe in the fairy tale of a ghost flying in the sky controlling everything, or how about 19 arabs ....oh you know that one!

Ron Paul is too honest for this country.

Hi ya doing?

Da Weaz said...

Doing well, dear friend. Of course, the msm has to call his supporters crazy, because he blasts the establishment plants on this issue. They simply have to make it this childish, "Well, he's weird" thing to convince the mentally malleable.

Ron Paul is not too honest for this country. This country is getting shafted and the Quislings are waking up day by day and transforming themselves.

It is a bit too soon for cynicism. Remember not a vote has been cast yet, and the polling reports are about as skewed as you can get. The msm would like to decide the election before there is one, because they don't really believe in democracy anyway. But there is a chance for democracy to break out (and sadly, it's not with Dennis), so they call all Ron's supporters (as they do with Dennis') crazy and other such names.

When they have to do this time and time again, it means that we're winning.

See how desperate they were with the Ron Paul coin thing? It's a joke. And we should laugh at them.

Cheers, dear.