Friday, November 30, 2007

Anyway, Benjamin Fulford on Japanese connections and New World Order. Worth sharing, but outside of weazl's sphere of knowledge to confirm or refute

Fulford & Rockefeller: The Japan Interview

By Dina Fujiyamo

In recent weeks, Benjamin Fulford has certainly had his fill of high profile interviews. If it’s not the former finance minister of Japan or the ‘Ninja’ assassins from the secret societies, then it’s David Rockefeller, in all of his glory.

WTF???Although Rockefeller appears rather docile and aged, he is in fact sharper than a knife when the line of questioning that Fulford is aiming at him breaks out and it is a particularly good time for the viewer to pay attention when the arch-rival to George Bush, Ron Paul’s, name comes up.

In his blasé Canadian manner it’s quite funny to hear Fulford making the remark that America is not the ‘center’ of the world anymore - right after he agrees with Rockefeller that more of the country’s [America] leadership should be following history a little more closely. (If it’s the history that Rockefeller himself and his band of lunatics have created than a rain check is in order.)

In the annoying way that the video unfolds it is clear that Fulford, to some degree, has previously already proposed a list of questions to David Rockefeller. In his responses, Rockefeller doesn’t give the viewer much indication to this as he plays the whole interview down and appears to wrestle with his thinking when offering his replies, (this is simply the view of the author), however - Fulford seems to know exactly what to ask and when to ask it, with Rockefeller simply acting out a well rehearsed and thoroughly looked over script.

Fulford also appears with Ex-Japanese finance minister Heizo Takenaka during the first few minutes of the video and not offering the original audio of the interview however, (which is distressing of sorts as the author is Japanese) - nevertheless, it does show that Fulford does have the political and social power to reach such people.

The Japanese Freemason Badge - Emblem Stuck On??Fulford claims that he was contacted (via email) by a rather secretive ‘agent’ of the Freemason sect from Japan. This ‘agent’ was a professional assassin and offered Mr. Fulford a badge in which he could reference the association by.

A Secret Society Ceremony (alledegly) in JapanIt is the author’s understanding that Benjamin Fulford was then initiated into a sub-level secretive sect, mainly because he was to act as a medium to various parties involved. While the author does not quite know what to make of this here-say, it is the general feeling that Fulford does indeed have such underworld contacts.

It appears that Fulford was initiated into a secret lower sect of the Freemason organization for the purpose of carrying out this interview and more information can be gleamed by the curious individual if needed but we shall refrain from posting that additional content here for obvious reasons of comeback and/or legal action.

Having said that, Fulford comes across as a very opinionated, well intentioned individual and so this is where the viewer/reader must use caution.

The global elite and the ‘powers that be’ otherwise known as the shadow government, have obviously known for some months, if not years, that their global plan for elite rule over the world has been fundamentally flawed by the spread of information and by the goodwill of the people that have easy access to the Internet and whom are willing to devote their time and resources to informing others of the dire plans that could lay ahead.

It seems that there has been a consciousness shift of sorts within the global ruler-ship and this interview just attests to that fact. But who better to attune to the masses of the ‘fringe’ than somebody who can generate a story with surfeit and propel it into the public domain of alternative thinking, than Benjamin Fulford.

Anyway, we’re not about defaming somebody’s character here, so we will leave the outcome of perception to the viewer, however - the people of Japan tell another story of Fulford and Rockefeller’s meeting in Tokyo - one that will come to light sooner than most people think.


Anonymous said...

A crackpot, trojan horse or simply a messenger - what do you make of Fulford, Weaz?


Da Weaz said...

Well, I don't think he is a crackpot. Strangely enough, the shit that he says is so far out that I actually believe a lot of it. I do, however, think that he COULD be a Trojan horse or perhaps even a messenger, but I don't know which one. He seems to have had pretty good credentials and I DO believe there is a New World Order struggle going on with tailor made bio weapons, so that part of his story to me seems completely credible.

But when you talk about Ninjas coming to your house in the night, what the hell can I think, but to have some suspicions.

That doesn't mean that it is not true, but that means that I can't sign off on it until perhaps a Ninja drops in on me.

And then everyone would think that I am completely crazy too.

Vicious circle.