Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weazl's Request

Just wondering what we can do to encourage more comments. Any ideas are welcome (including scathing criticism). Anyway, want to make this website more interactive, so ideas are definitely welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Weaz..let me give you my 2 cents!
I for one respect you and your brain! However, when you log onto your site, it doesn't invite participation. It looks more like a 'read me' site. If you will look at a lot of the other sites that get comments, they do not post complete articles, but titles, giving the reader more choices at first glance. Personally I enjoy the sites that invite you to post articles also. What is needed, is a combo. Pre-posted, and reader posts...hmmmm

For instance: Raw story, they seem to have their 'select' commentators, and it does not seem inviting to post. If a stranger posts there, they can be harsh. NOT GOOD.
Plus, a lot of these sites restrict certain topics! You know!
This is why I like the following styles:
they have a great forum, where u post articles, in fact, I just got slammed but then he did not watch the whole thing.
I guess thats it for now. I think it boils down to, you need to make it more inviting and make peeps feel like you want their input.
talk later..

Anonymous said...

Agree with Joyce, I think if you show titles and summaries rather than whole articles it would be an easier read for newer visitors.

Also in the 'detail' page show one or two (or part of)comments this should encourage participation.

Finally, you need to get your url 'out there' perhaps publish some exclusive articles on other popular blogs such as rense, david icke and thetruthseeker (