Thursday, August 02, 2007

Full Spectrum Treason - 911 Octopus


Anonymous said...

Because there is so much GOOD evidence available in the public (internet) arena which calls into question the official account of events on 911, I expected sometime ago that certain agencies would endeavor to release material that was going to be so loopy to blur the real story.

This of course is to undermine the credibility of the whole of the truth movement - I suggest people following this story and especially bloggers of repute be a little more discerning of such articles/videos.


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

This is bullshit disinformation designed to dissipate the truth of what really happened.

This video is horrendously whacked.

This crap may start a whole new truth movement among the Area 51 types who are already fitted with tin foil hats.

Da Weaz said...

Well, I put it up simply because it seemed interesting. I was making no judgment about it. I am glad that you have expressed scepticism about it because that is what critical thinkers do.


The Freewheeling Socrates said...

You can tell by the ridiculous sound track that it's CIA generated. If it was real it would have been presented in a more collegiate style.

Anonymous said...

The Freewheeling Socrates thinks that calling something bullshit CIA disinformation because of the choice of music makes him seem collegiate and substitutes for a lack of critical thinking. Sadly the information presented is accurate and correct. PSYOP teams were working in the CNN newsroom in 2000 to "learn how to bring down an informational cone of silence in regions where special operations are taking place."

The videos shown on 9/11 are proven fakes, as has been demonstrated in the SEPTEMBER CLUES series of videos.

You can tell that Socrates is a disinformation shill because of his choice of font and his standard "Area 51" crap pathetic excuse to support Bush's murder of Iraqi civilians and his failed invasion of Afghanistan and takeover of Central Asia. Visit to see how private military contractors hire shills to post messages on blogs just like Freewheelers.