Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Perfect Independence Day Message


Fight4Truth said...

His best yet! He nailed it. I am surprised that MSNBC (ABC) allows him the freedom to say these things. It was powerful. Of course he left off one item, I accuse you, Cheney, Israel, etc .. of complicity in 911! That is what I wait to hear...that is the only thing that will ever wake people up. I can dream can't I.

Da Weaz said...

I think that it is a strategic choice and a good one. He is staying on solid ground working the middle. People like us love him anyway and defend him because he his pushing the masses in the right direction. When they come on sites like this, they can find out more stuff that he ISN'T allowed to say.

I don't even want him to say more, lest the O'Bileys of the world start dismissing him with the "conspiracy theorist" mind numbing tag. If the sheeple disbelieve him regarding things that have just been reported ten minutes before on the evening news, they aren't going to believe him regarding 911.

I believe however that he is working around the edges, so when he says that there are those who didn't even recognize the validity of his election, he is talking to us. He is the best. I don't hear Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert challenging the official fiction either.

We'll get there, my friend. Everybody has a role to play. And we just have to keep playing ours and let him play his.

But you are completely right. It is absolutely permitted to dream.

Fight4Truth said...

thanks Weaz...I understand what you said, and it makes sense. Baby steps, and let the sheeple figure it out on their own. Its the best way, give em' hints and let them question. Most often questions lead to investigations, and bingo..another eye is opened.
So thank you for your lesson..I hear and I learn. It is just so frustrating at the old westerns, i want the good guys to win.
And yes, I love Kieth. He is so passionate and he hurts, you can see it. I believe his hints are there to encourage us.

So, we march on and keep fighting the good fight. We have a lot of people on our side, and it grows stronger all the time.
Continue the dream.