Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weazl makes it official: Officially endorses Ron Paul for President in 2008

Well, weazl never thought that he would be actually ENDORSING a vote for a Republican, but this is not simply a protest vote, but truly an endorsement of the Ron Paul campaign. America is truly at a crossroads where not only has the very Constitutional structure of government been placed under serious attack, but the economic assault on Americans has gone on, and now with the military-corporate-political fusion nearly complete, Americans very lives are at stake in the upcoming years.

There is no easy solution to this problem, but it is clear that Ron Paul has the two powerful and most swift answers to this critical dilemma: 1) start massively slashing the federal government and 2) start enforcing the provisions in the US Constitution. This is necessary shock therapy. Democrats need to truly abandon the party in droves and support Ron Paul because the country and the world cannot even withstand the weak-willed, military and AIPAC dominated meanderings of a Democratic president. Ron Paul represents the single biggest threat to the powerful interests who have placed our country on the verge of disaster: if a Democrat fancies him or herself as being radical, start mobilizing for Ron Paul.

The man must be taken seriously. His record of small government is unmatched by anyone in Congress by far. His opposition to the Iraq war has been absolute and his support of the Constitution is simply unparalleled. Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Al Gore do not represent change but appeasement. The Democratic Party has been tone deaf to the screams of its "core" supporters for a long time, this is the time when changes need to be made. African Americans have complained for a long time about being taken for granted by the Democrats: African Americans, as much as anyone, need to support someone who is perhaps the most revolutionary of all candidates: Someone who actually takes the Constitution to mean what it says. And sure, there will be revelations that Ron Paul has said racially offensive things in the past, however, a frank look at the African American social condition must naturally cause one to conclude that there is in fact much to criticize. Forty years of Democratic attachment has caused little success for African Americans since the passage of Civil Rights Acts in the '60's. It is time to get off the plantation.

Latinos obviously perhaps will have the biggest contention with Ron Paul because of his policy of closed borders, however, Latinos need to also realize that the proposed immigration policies offered by the Democrats and Resident (Moron) Bush seek only to allow for near peonage labor status for illegal immigrants simply to provide for the needs of big business corporations like Wal-Mart who want cheap, deportable quiet labor in order to cut-health care and other benefit costs. Imposing the rule of law is overdue in this country, and I doubt illegal immigrants will be penalized by a Ron Paul administration. I doubt very much that he would develop the massive prison and concentration camp models that are being built and renovated today by Halliburton. The Democrats have not stood up in protest. And this discussion only relates to those concerned about issues relating to ILLEGAL immigrants. The millions of legal Latinos should really support Ron Paul and his desire to radically reduce the overwhelming federal power that exists.

And for other Americans, the choice seems absolutely clear: both of the so-called parties have been bought and sold for the benefit of the most powerful interests in the country. They have no accountability to the Constitution or their constituents. The game is simply to rally the masses in enough numbers to gain power: the Masters are the money makers who do not lose under either regime: Big Oil, Weapons Manufacturings, Telcoms, Big Media, AIPAC, and Pharma. This is what is called "Managed Democracy." It is time for a radical change.

Weazl calls for ALL readers of this blog to go on the offensive to support Ron Paul, which would include switching one's party affiliation to Republican to support him in caucuses, as well as encouraging others to do the same. The country really does not have much time to effectuate a change, as both parties are conspiring to advance the same causes, which are truly threatened by such media as the internet, an amazingly democratic institution that is empowering people as never before. Of all the many problems that threaten us, none is as threating as the ill advised use of a federal government gathering greater strength and lead by ever dumber "leaders." This government has spiralled into a powerful hurricane. It is time to take the power back.

I have written this because it is still somewhat early in the campaign season, and I actually believe that massive support can actually make a difference. Among the Republicans there is no overewhelming favorite, and the chances of a "dark horse" winning this race are better than in recent memory. And never have candidates faced the mobilizing force of the internet as now. It is time to unleash a massive movement for a clear, attainable goal.

Best of luck, and please do something.



Bret Moore said...

Amen brother.

Ducky's here said...

Who says the left marches in lockstep?

I admit that compared to Hillary "AIPAC'S freakin' bitch" Clinton he looks interesting.

I question how much he is willing to reduce the defense budget.

Anonymous said...


When he's spoken and elaborated on his positions, he said that as president he would slash the defense budget by at least a third so that they could focus on domestic problems.

Da Weaz said...

Duck, you're seeing something I don't if you think Hillary is any more of an AIPAC ass kisser than Barak. And Gore's VP was Blow up Ira(q/n) Joe Lieberman.

Not much of a choice there.

And on the defense budget, Obama has already said he would INCREASE it. And you can bet your ass, Billary would. Al wouldn't likely reduce it either. (you know how sensitive those Dems are on being called soft on defense)

So where's your choice there?

It's time for a change.