Friday, June 22, 2007

Some people were not so naive

Who stands up for
real American values?

Spoken before the US invaded Iraq

"We can call ouselves Americans. We can fly the American flag, but unless we stand up and defend the values that define us as Americans, we will cease being Americans."

Scott Ritter gave this talk before the US invaded Iraq. As a former US Marine Corps officer, UN weapons inspector and expert on the armaments of Iraq, he very publicly disputed the Bush adminstration's claim that Iraq was a threat to the US.

Now the US is on the same path with regards to war against Iran.

Learn what you can do to help stop another illegal, immoral,and reckless use of US power in the world. Get and Scott's book "Waging Peace."

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The Freewheeling Socrates said...

He speaks about the passing train, unable to affect it in any way.

We are helpless spectators.

Then there are ballgames, car races, game shows, sitcoms and dramas to lull the zombies more.

What about values?

Who's values?

Values are opinions.

What we were is not what we are becoming.

The human fungus is on the verge of outsmarting itself into total nonexistence.

Pass through as does the vanishing lightening and don't worry.

Da Weaz said...

Did you see Zeitgeist yet? I'd be interested in your thoughts.

The Freewheeling Socrates said...

I usually go to a movie on Saturday afternoon. There is nothing good this weekend so I shall treat zeitgeist as my movie.

Oh yes. I need another Pirates of the Caribbean, The Fantistic Four, or Ocean's 13.

Mickey Goes Down -- computer generated cartoon simulations with genital action for the mature of mind and lofty libido.

Little Mexican kids popping up and down in the supermarket with melting laser heads and blood splattered watermelons bleeding into the lettuce section.

Since I've been on the enlightenment trail with you, the truth I see everywhere keeps me in perpetual "possible vomit mode," with multitudinal chimeras hacking imperial tile from the river nile.

Da Weaz said...

Zeitgeist may make it worse.