Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Official Version of Zeitgeist: Brilliant Movie


nac said...

Cracking video I checked it out the other week. What do you make of the 9/11 Octopus videos about the no planes theory.

Da Weaz said...

I think that they are quite good. I wish that I didn't because people find it hard enough to believe that there were explosives planted, and I think that nobody will believe that no planes were involved.

While I think that people in the 9/11 community need to keep pressing for the truth, I think the attention towards getting the story out is to focus on the we agree on, and then continue to try to figure out what we don't agree on.

But I thought the videos were really well done. And I think that at a minimum (planes or not), it shows COMPLETE MEDIA CONSPIRACY which I think the ENTIRE 9/11 community needs to come to grips with and address.

Liberal White Boy said...

You are doing good work here. Keep it up.