Tuesday, June 05, 2007

From the man who stole two elections and said the Constitution "is just a goddamned piece of paper" . . .

Bush criticizes Russia, China on democracy

PRAGUE (Reuters) - President George W. Bush on Tuesday criticized Russia and China on democracy, saying the United States would continue building relationships with those countries but without abandoning its values.

His speech to democracy and human rights activists in Prague came amid U.S.-Russian tensions over missile defense, and ahead of the Group of Eight meeting in Germany this week where Bush will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"In Russia, reforms that once promised to empower citizens have been derailed, with troubling implications for democratic development," Bush said.

He also criticized China for not doing more on the political front. "China's leaders believe that they can continue to open the nation's economy without also opening its political system," Bush said.

The United States has strong working relationships with Russia and China, he said. "Our friendship with them is complex. In the areas where we share mutual interests, we work together. In other areas, we have strong disagreements."

Bush added: "Part of a good relationship is the ability to talk openly about our disagreements. So the United States will continue to build our relationships with these countries, and we will do it without abandoning our principles or our values."

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