Friday, June 29, 2007

Forget litigation, there needs to be impeachment proceedings NOW


spanky said...

Weaz - what are you thoughts about the possibility of Impeachment - of Bush and Cheney - before the election? I'm working with a group, here in Berkeley, and last night we talked of our discouragment, and yet how to still keep our efforts strong and effective. Curious to hear what you have to say on the subject of Impeachment?

Da Weaz said...

Spanky, it is time that impeachment proceed. Sadly, both should be impeached. And sadly, both won't. The Rethugs may throw Dick under the bus, because he is damaged goods by now. But the rule of law is just simply a sick joke, and the only calculation is how things play politically. A pretty pathetic place we're in. Law is simply an instrumentalist tool.

And that means it will be real only to the underlings, and a charade for the self-styled elites. When this happens, fascism is close at hand. And in our case, is in full bloom.

And few have the guts to stop it.

Definitely not the pathetic Democrats.

spanky said...

yes, this is true and the reason for our discouragement. It's really difficult/painful to watch and realize this. Still, I feel that at least making an effort is better than saying I sat on my butt and watched - and did nothing. My anger--and my fear--fuel me, and hopefully will ignite something in those around me. Educating the masses is another aim... if we don't get our final goal but educate people to the shit that's going down, its something. So many don't even KNOW, which is amazing! Just amazing. Oh well...we'll see what happens. Thanks for your comments.