Thursday, June 28, 2007

Email from producer of Zeitgeist

The final version of Zeitgeist is now online and can be found here:

The new version has had its intro trimmed to be more generally accessible; Part 1 has a few corrections and also a few ideas expanded upon/clarified; Part 2 has been cleaned up graphically with a few small new points included; Part 3 has had its audio improved, typos corrected and some other subtle adjustments.

For those of you who have embedded the prior version into web pages or have uploaded it to You Tube, Please make the update whenever possible. All the holes in the prior version have been filled . The old version on Google video will be deleted eventually.

In the past 2 weeks that Zeitgeist has been online it has received round 250,000 views including its parts. I am very happy with this response, and even more happy with the 100s of intelligent, thoughtful and hopeful emails I have gotten from people. I appreciate everyone's expressions, input, suggestions... and, in a few cases, even apprehension regarding the work.


I would like to say one thing in regards to a continual comment/question I am getting, and that is :

"What do we do now?"

Step One: REALIZE FEAR IS AN ILLUSION which is a tool perpetuated by religion and the political system to keep societies under control. Don't worry about "the government
watching you" or any of the general bullying tactics used to keep people from rising up. Ask questions, get in the way, and don't backdown in your march to know the truth about EVERYTHING.

The pursuit of true and the processes of understanding/realization is the only true religion.

As an aside, if you are not familiar with Ed & Elaine Brown who are currently in a stand off with the authorities due to the Income tax fraud, you should be.
They have asked for one thing "Show us the law that says we have to pay the income tax on our wages, and we will pay". The government can't show the law because there isn't one.
I strongly suggest everyone support the Browns. They are setting a precedent that needs to be seen and heard nation wide.
The mainstream media is the 4th branch of the US Government and they are going to tow the political line. Granted, they can't control everyone in their structure, but the major
headlines/features you see in the major newspapers and on networks have been filtered by
agents of the corporate/political elite. All major news agencies have top brass belonging to the Council on Foreign Relations. If you are not familiar with the history and agenda of the socialist power house known as the Council on Foreign Relations, I suggest a book called " The Shadows of Power" by James Perloff.
This group is the hidden arm behind American Foreign policy and they seek nothing less than the total destruction of the American Republic and the creation of a socialist system /
world government.
Create a website/ myspace/ have email lists/call into radio shows, etc. Don't be afraid to engage people, old and young in this points. Talk to your family. Get some of the many DVDs out there on the subjects and copy them and pass them out.
I, for one, will be at Ground Zero on Sept 11th with the NY 911 Truth Movement to help educate the public and 'get in the way' of the media coverage who has almost totally
ignored the work of the movement.


Final Point:

The 2 dominant motto's used in the game by those who wish to manipulate and control is

1) Divide and Conquer
2) Order out of Chaos

-Divide and Conquer-
They try to get people at odds with each other in order to keep people distracted and to prevent unity.
The duality put forth by religion, exploited by governments, in the general form of GOOD vs EVIL, is a farce.
There is no good- There is no evil.
There are only degrees of operating "with the current of nature" or "against the current of nature" and when you understand that the 'collective consciousness' is no different in structure than your 'personal consciousness' in that the whole of the species undergoes social 'conflicts of interest', just as an individual battles personal 'conflicts of interests'(pertaining to arrogance/
stubbornness/ poor temperaments, etc) you can understand that the battle against the Elite is a macrocosm of your own PERSONAL internal battle dealing with your own misguided
feelings of superiority, arrogance and the like.
Therefor, change in many ways starts with increased self-awareness and thus the removal of the ego based elitism that we all at one time or another share.
No one is better then anyone else. Period. We are all the same. We are
also One.

- Order out of Chaos-
This is simple. They create problems, instill unrest, then push forward their agenda disguised as a change in the best interest of the public.
911; Katrina; the War on Drugs:; Global Warming; Terrorism in general, Iraqi insurgents, Immigration, Inflation...are all used to whatever advantage they can muster up.

The more real or fabricated problems that arise, the faster the elite can reposition power.
[I.E. After WW1, we had the "League of Nations" .
After WWII, we had the United Nations; After WWIII, we will likely have a full on One World Government.]

In my opinion, the criminal elements behind the US/UK administration want nothing less than World War, as it will be the ultimate "shake up" of things to get their agenda into full swing.


I want to thank ALL of you for your interest.

I am working to clean up the final digital transcript so those of you who offered to translate it into other languages will have it soon.
For those whose emails I have not answered yet- I will get to them, I promise.
I will have dvds by request fairly soon.

I will keep everyone posted on things.
thanks again.

Peter J.
"The Revolution Is Now"

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