Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another day, some more spray

What should have been a beautiful Saturday morning once again turned dismal as it because clear that people were going to drop toxic chemical soup on us all day and pollute these blue skies. Weazl then took the camera out and was chasing chemtrials but a big cloud of nasty, toxic chemicals loomed overhead, so after a few shots, weazl went home as to not breathe and absorb this stuff.

At least weazl spread the word to a few friends, and they didn't turn him over to the police as a threat to himself or others, but actually said that they would help try to get answers. Who knows there this goes, but it a good start. And in a small country, answers may be a tad bit easier to come by (but don't hold your breath). (on second thought, maybe you better. ;-)

(sorry about the finger, weazl was shopping for breakfast food and had an armful of stuff)

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