Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BBC uncovered the sham government of Iraq

Democracy is failing in Iraq, a new BBC News video report concludes.

"Four years after President Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq, the country's parliamentary democracy is barely functioning," says the BBC's George Alagiah. "Members of the 275-member Iraqi parliament face constant threats; no substantive legislation has been passed."

In Iraq, BBC foreign correspondent Humphrey Hawksley reports "a blistering attack" on the U.S. government from a Member of Parliament. "George Bush is the leader of all evil," she exclaims. "American troops must leave Iraq."

Hawksley also hears from the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, who says, "We don't want them to color our culture or politics with American culture, because that will cause us more problems than the occupation itself. We need to choose who helps us, and how."

Illustrative of Iraq's troubles with democratic rule, Hawksley notes that Iraq's Parliament is nearly a year old, but major laws have yet to be passed.

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