Monday, April 30, 2007

Possibly more problems in Estonia. Would not be surprised

FSB has created armed terrorist group in Estonia

In photo: Russian « defenders of the bronze soldier » plunder wine-vodka shop in Tallinn.

The secret service of Russia, FSB under Putin's order has created in Estonia an underground terrorist group under the name « Command of group "KOLIVAN " Army of Russian Resistance ». Terrorists have declared their existence on the Internet late at night on April, 28th.

In the statement signed « on April, 28th, Tallinn », terrorists write: « Criminal acts of the Estonian officials have over flown our bowl of patience. In these days the Russian people have revolted in streets of cities of Estonia . Thousands of people battle in streets for the future of their children, for the truth and validity.

We call upon the government of Russia and personally president Vladimir Putin to take real measures on protection of Russian people in Estonia - send the Russian army into Estonia.

The 9th of May is the day of the beginning of our war against the criminal Estonian government. Our purpose is to create the independent Russian state in territory of Estonia ... we call onto all Russian men living in Estonia ... to follow our example, and to begin self formation of independent groups of Army. Even small groups can operate successfully. Sooner or later we shall achieve Victory. Other variants are not present.

We will strike blows on all communication systems, electric maintenance, gas supply, and supply by gasoline, on rail communication, on aviation transport, on water supply of large cities. We will burn houses and property. Today, on April, 28th, we declare formation of groups of Army of Russian Resistance.

Our first group is already formed. Questions of arms and ammunitions are also solved ... » . Remember that the main representative of " Russian people of Estonia » is nobody.

Also during this time in internet forums of Baltic sites some russians have frankly threatened to capture Estonia and Latvia. One of participants of a forum in the Latvian language has written: « And who has told that Latvia and Estonia belong to Latvians and Estonians? Who is stronger, that comes and takes away and all belongs to that ... ».

Meanwhile during the evening of Saturday and night on Sunday in Tallinn, where within two days there were mass pogroms organized by Russian extremists, have passed rather peacefully. The police in Tallinn received a message of one fight in city. In the capital police were everywhere on duty. Streets are being constantly monitored by helicopters hovering over them.

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Anonymous said...

Making business with Estonia you support and finance Nazis.

You should understand, that making business with Estonia or buying anything produced in Estonia or visiting Estonia as a tourist, you actually support and finance a new generation of European Nazis. Please, spend a couple of minutes to read the letter to the end, because your voice of a free human is very important in preventing the revival of Fascism in the Europe.

Estonia, which has recently joined to EU and NATO, officially practices Apartheid policies and does its best to rehabilitate and legalize Fascism, for years. EU, US and other democracies preferred not to pay attention on that till now. However, it doesn’t cancel the fact that Estonia carries out a policy of Ethnic Discrimination against ethnic Russians, who constitute a third part of its population. Most of these people were born in this country or live here for 30-40 years, but they were not even provided citizenship and are treated as second class people. Moreover, Estonia officially glorifies legionaries of Hitler’s SS troops that exterminated Jews in Fascist death camps in Estonia during the Holocaust. Government sets up monuments to these Fascist butchers. They are allowed to march in the downtown of the capital, Tallinn. They are invited to official events; the Estonian President shakes their bloody hands, and calls them heroes of Estonia.

At the same time, Estonian government aggressively fights with any memories of millions of the Soviet soldiers, who paid with their lives to free Europe from the plague of the Fascism and to save dozens millions of Europeans of the death. And democratic countries - first of all EU and US, prefer to dissemble this again. But recently Estonian regime overstepped the limits, which makes it absolutely illegal from the point of view of common human values. On April 26, Estonian authorities have decided to finally erase the memory of the victory of Russian soldiers over the Hitler’s Nazism by destroying the main World War II memorial to a Soviet warrior-rescuer, Bronze Soldier. For those Russians who live in Estonia, demolition of the memorial is not just a removal of some architectonic construction. This is the most painful insult of the memories of their fathers and grandfathers, who died in battle with the Fascism to bring freedom to the Europe.

Thousands of offended Estonian Russians came to a peaceful protest demonstration, demanding from Estonian officials to stop the vandalism. But instead dialogue Estonian authorities sent special police forces to suppress the protest. With no reason they started to fire in the protesters rubber bullets, water cannon and tear-gas, throw flash-bang grenades, and baton women and teenagers. During the massacre the first ethnic Russian was killed, dozens were injured and hundreds were arrested just because of their Russian ethnicity. Those arrested were thrown into in a harbor warehouse as they were livestock, and there they were beat by police within an inch of their life. Just think - in the heart of the Europe an Apartheid regime kills, injures and arrests hundreds people just because of their ethnicity! However, almost all of the European and American media keep hypocritical silence or even worse call this “pacifying gangs of drung vandals”.

This is disgrace! This is shame not only on those European and US governments that support this Nazi state. This is shame on every European and American who keeps silence today. Keeps silence, because somewhere inside he or she is confident that rehabilitation of Fascism, and Apartheid crimes committed against those “dirty Russian” at the heart of the European Union, provide “useful lesson” to Russians and Russia. But maybe you think that this is not your business? Then let me remind you a famous phrase by German priest Martin Niemoller he said about Nazis in 1945: “First they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew…. Then they came for me and by that time there was no one left who can speak up for me”. Today, new European Nazis came for the Russians, and the Europeans keep silence or, better to say, silently approve. Well, you can be sure - this is just the beginning, and some day yours home-grown Nazis, inspired by your silence of the crimes of the Estonian Fascism, will come for you. And there will be no one to speak up for you. Because Russians, once rescued the Europe from the Fascism, will never pay again with millions of their lives for those not speaking up today.

So what can you do? Not too much. But quite enough to stop Nazis. At least don’t finance them. Don’t buy anything produced from Estonia. Don’t do any kind of business with Estonian companies and organizations. Don’t invest in Estonian stocks. Don’t fly to Estonia as a tourist. What else? Maybe, to ask your representative in the House of Representatives, why your government spends your taxes to support Estonian Nazis? Or to forward this letter to your local newspaper and ask them, why they never write about Apartheid in Estonia? Or to call to Estonian embassy in your country, and ask them what is that they think they are doing? Or at least forward this letter to a few friends and colleagues? Your voice CAN prevent revival of Nazism, if you want it.

oliver said...

You spent how many minutes? 10? 20? 30? of your day writing ridiculous and brutal lies. Why do you do that?

I would have spend twice as many minutes to fight all that crap.
Sry, don't have that kind of time to waste. Read it yourself.
Here's something to get you started:
Look up "State of World Liberty Index". Guess who's number 1...

Anonymous said...

Put you "liberty index" designed by CIA that rules Human Watch to your... you know.

Pēteris Cedriņš said...

"However, it doesn’t cancel the fact that Estonia carries out a policy of Ethnic Discrimination against ethnic Russians..."

Etc., etc. This is complete claptrap. Citizenship in Estonia and Latvia has no connection to ethnicity -- it is primarily based on jus sanguinis rather than jus solis. Persons who held citizenship prior to the occupation and their descendants received citizenship, whether they were Russians, Poles, Jews, Latvians, Estonians, or Martians.

Those who came during the occupation and their descendants are invited to naturalize, and many have done so. All they need to do is learn some Estonian or Latvian and a little bit of history, and declare their loyalty to the countries they live in.

Until they do, they're permanent residents. In Estonia, though not in Latvia, they can even vote in local elections. Many, especially in Estonia, have taken Russian citizenship, however -- because many do not identify with Estonia or Latvia. They identify with the successor state of the USSR, which continues to deny the occupation.

The frequent description of the language and citizenship policies in the Baltic states as "apartheid" policies is perfectly ridiculous -- it is also perfectly contradictory, since the other complaint frequently made by Russian chauvinists is that of "coercive assimilation." The two don't go together -- apartheid was meant to segregate, when what we are asking for is integration (not assimilation); Russophones aren't asked to forget Russian, they're asked to learn the Latvian/Estonian, languages Russian nearly destroyed.

In reality, all that is requested of those who settled here during the occupation is that they stop behaving as conquerors. That's rather liberal. They can receive state-supported education in Russian (and other languages), they have a thriving Russian-language press, and they are better off in Estonia and Latvia than they would be in Russia -- unlike Russia, our countries are free market democracies.

Not being fond of Soviet "liberation" -- that is, the re-occupation of our countries by the same forces that invaded in 1940, when Hitler was Stalin's friend, does not make us Nazis. A simple analogy for you -- one rapist is driven off by another rapist, and the the first rapist returns to kill the second one, declaring himself a "liberator" and goes on raping for another half-century. We happen to detest both rapists and to disapprove of rape.

The huge alien minorities in our countries can in some ways be compared to the children of a rape -- it's not their fault as individuals, and few are guilty of anything. Unfortunately, not a few of them lionize the rapist and deny the rape -- some act as the Sudetenland Germans did in 1938.

People who were born here since the restoration of independence can get citizenship without passing tests, even if their parents are non-citizens. One couldn't be born in Eesti Vabariik or Latvijas Republika 30-40 years ago; one could be born to colonists in the Estonskaya SSR of the Latviskaya SSR.

I share Oliver's wonderment at your investment in ridiculous and brutal lies. Anybody can go to Youtube and watch footage of the glorious defenders of the Bronze Soldier going on a rampage whilst shouting "Rossiya, Rossiya..." The Bronze Soldier was not destroyed -- he was moved to a cemetery, where he belongs. The Russian citizen who was killed was killed by another Russian after drinking vodka. As a friend ofg mine remarked, perhaps a propagandist like you can turn him into the Horst Wessel of the Nazbollah.

Da Weaz said...

I can say that I do think that it was in very poor judgment to remove the statue in the middle of the night. I do think that there should have been more consideration to the Russian minority population, which does not seem to have been taken into account. I do, on the other hand, agree that the person killed does not seem to have been a "martyr for the cause" and that there was a bit of hooliganism around. I do think that is is not helpful to also go around and destroy downtown Tallinn. I do think also that Estonia is inviting problems from Russia (who has been made much stronger through the idiocy of the United States and who may flex its muscles via Estonia). In short, I think that we are living in very timultous geopolitical times where you have a dying superpower, a rising EU (but one without a defense), questions about NATO, and a Russia that has rebounded from economic collapse, military obsolescence and political isolation (it has made stronger eastern friends). Thus, I think Estonia should be a bit more diplomatic than it has been. And I do agree that there has also been massive European denial with respect to the massive sacrifice that the former USSR made to save Europe from fascism (though it was by accident when Hitler violated the Russian German non Agression pact, but that's another story).

Interesting discussion. I hope you can develop it.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask all of you - european human right defenders and supporters of "nice and fluffy" Estinian regime here? Estonian police arrested and interned in a harbor warehouse about 1000 Russians - there’s a video how many of them being bound are beaten within an inch of their life by police. There’s about 1.3 million inhabitants in Estonia. In Russia there’s about 144 million. So 1000 arrested in Estonia would be equal to about 110,000 (!!!) in Russia if something like this were happened. Can anybody tell me, how all European and US leaders, journalists, human right defenders and all Europeans would squeal about “totalitarism, fascism and mass repressions” in Russia? So why I don’t hear a single even whispering about aparteid in Estonia?

Anonymous said...

Btw, here is a proud story from Estonia on an Estonian site about monument to Estonian Waffen SS legionaries erected near Tallin. If here is a Jew at this blog, I want to remember you, that Estonian Waffen SS legionaries executed ALL Estonian Jews - a few thousands within the first year of WW2, which is officially confirmed by Holocaus organizations. And official Tallin is proud of these “brave sons of the nation”. And EU is proud to have such a “democratic” state between its nations. Doesn’t is makes you a bit upset? I would be upset if I were Jew and some “European” country would glorify butchers who exterminated my forefathers as livestock.

Anonymous said...

anonymous baby is not knowing what she is talking about. she does not know anything about Estonia, probably an elder woman from Ufa.

Anonymous said...

Why not? I know that not only Russian-speking ethnic Russians born in Estonia must proove they know Estonian language before they get citizenship. Also the same Russian-speaking Jews born in Estonia must proove they know Estonian language to become citizens. Can you imagine, that a Hebrew-speaking Jew born in New York would not be provided US citizenship because his English is not good? This is pure anti-semitism, apartheid and fascism and this Jew has all the chances to sue US Gov't for a billion dollars. However in Estonia it is called "democracy". Funny, don't you think?

an Estonian said...

here you can see some pictures of this peaceful demonstration:

also, the FSB could make up its mind whether we are discussing the relocation of the monument or Estonia's national minorities or World War II. though you guys appear to be terribly "misinformed" about all these subjects.

Michael said...

Here's about of interesting facts about Estonia:

Most wanted Nazi war criminals
10b. Harry Mannil
Arrested Jews and Communists who were then executed by Nazis and Estonian collaborators
Status: Cleared by investigation in Estonia

10a. Algimantas Dailide
Arrested Jews who were then murdered by Nazis and Lithuanian collaborators
Status: Deported from US; convicted by Lithuania, which has hereto refused to implement his sentence of imprisonment

Not a single Estonian citizen who participated in the persecution and/or murder of Jews during WWII has been brought to trial by the Estonians, despite the existence of abundant incriminatory evidence in at least two cases submitted in recent years.

A monument to an Estonian “Freedom Fighter” had been unveiled in a small town Lihula in Western Estonia. It showed a soldier in a German uniform with a Waffen-SS (combat SS) unit emblem, wearing a steel helmet and holding a machine gun.

So, what should one think about this?

1. Thousands of estonians were serving in Hitler’s Waffen-SS troops where they exterminated Jews, Russians, Beloruses, Ukrainians, and other “untermenshen” in death camps.

2. No one Estonian was brought to trial for war crimes after Estonia become independent. Moreover, Estonia protects even most wanted Nazi criminals identified by Holocaust organizations.

3. Estonia glorifies its Waffen-SS “freedom fighters” by setting up monuments to them. Meanwhile, Estonia destroys memorials to Soviet soldiers, who won Hitler.

4. Estonia practice massive ethnic discrimination against Russians, Beloruses, Ukrainians today.

You don’t have to be a detective to make a judgement: Estonia is a typical Nazi state. And if there were not only one million popolation, but 100 million with enough weapon, they would already repeat the Holocaust second time.

Da Weaz said...

I think that Michael made reference to two Jerusalem Post articles. I tried the links but they didn't work, so I found the articles myself:

Most wanted Nazi war criminals

The struggle over Estonia's history

Anonymous said...

"new generation of European Nazis" are putin and all the kremlin inhabitants with putin-jugend organization a.k.a "наши" ahead.